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Congressional Democrats are accusing President Trump of promoting misinformation and malice responding to President Trump's address on border security last night. House speaker Nancy Pelosi argued there are smart and effective bipartisan solutions that would curb illegal immigration that the president is rejecting these bipartisan bills, which would reopen government over his obsession with fortune forcing American taxpayers to waste billions of dollars on expensive and ineffective wall a wall. He always promised Mexico would pay for Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said that Trump prompted the ongoing partial government shutdown in a tantrum over building a massive border wall. Pelosi accused Trump upholding the American people hostage with the shutdown Schumer called the wall ineffective and unnecessary. He said, the symbol of America should be the statue of liberty. Not a thirty foot wall last month. Trump said he would be proud to shut down the government over border security. Mark Mayfield NBC news. Radio. Police in Australia are investigating several suspicious packages that were sent to embassies consulates cities of Melbourne and Canberra. Australian Federal Police released a statement on Wednesday, saying the packages were being examined by emergency personnel. And the circumstances are being investigated. Police did not identify the embassies consulates involved. Australian media reported earlier that suspicious packages were sent to at least nine foreign missions in Melbourne, including the British German, Swiss and Indianapolis sees the US consulate in Melbourne reportedly said it had also received a suspicious package. Nasa says its newest planet hunting telescope has discovered. Three new worlds relatively close doors. Lisa Carter reports the most recent as a planet around a star about fifty three light years away it three times the size of earth. A year is thirty six days, and the temperature is a balmy three hundred degrees, it's likely gas planet, but denser than the gas giants of our solar system to other planets have also been found since July, including what astronomers speculate is likely. Alava world forty nine light years away orbiting so fast that a year is just eleven hours. The discoveries were made by NASA transiting, exoplanet survey satellite or tests launched last April. Lisa Carter NBC News Radio. Wyoming health officials say another cat has been diagnosed with bluebonnets plague three cats have been infected with the potentially deadly disease in the past six months all in northern Wyoming, the cat. Most recently infected belongs to a family in Johnson county, the others word Sheridan and in north west Wyoming's Campbell county, Wyoming department of health says the last time a human contracted the plague was in two thousand eight plagues a serious bacterial infection that can be deadly for pets and people if it is treated with antibiotics as soon as possible and the woman who was the oldest living person in the United States is dead. The daughter of Earlene Wilson said are one hundred and fourteen year old mother died Tuesday at her home in Cleveland heights, Ohio, the oldest living person in the world is one hundred sixteen year old Connaught Tanaka of Japan. Mark Mayfield NBC news. Radio style at lounge presents an.

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