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I think he could be a useful player, but you know for his draft position. If you're taking a guy top ten, you kind of want to stud not as opposed to a nice role player. Yeah, so the upside case for the secondary is that you get finally? Get Jonathan Doberm- right. WHO LOST HIS SEASON? And then. They added Prince Amukamara. Who is an NFL player? Okay like he can play quarterback. A lot of Damon are net. Their first round draft pick was a bit of a reach at Ohio state. And then you bring Trayvon Mullen back. It's just it's not a strong group. Then like Laura's joyner keep playing in the slot, which is really weird because he was, he was a good safety man in l.. A. I. DON'T Really Play A. By sending college, too, he was like a dynamic safety time. Square peg round hole. Into Mary's Randall. Is You know I'll randall yeah? They kind of really went patrick I'm really curious Abram play that. Guy I know a lot of people were high on is supposed to be a really comfy tone, setter type guy so yeah, I'm really excited to watch him play. The you nailed print straight ahead. He's a player. You can start, you know. He's an NFL. He's an NFL players and Israel lacking big upgrade for them. I'm still surprised. They traded calmly last year. Dude, he was good for use in to the end I mentioned that when we talked about. Him I was surprised, he was banged up his rookie. Year is pretty hurt and but he just yeah I personally I i. he thought he looked the part I thought. That's chick corner right there. I'm still curious about that trade so I love this NFL Lingo. That's creeping tone center look. Great you can't. You can't stop it. Or is out of your mouth. All right I wish somebody would describe insider someday your. But it's more exciting a different tone yeah! Somebody's. So, chargers are like the other three teams I think very hard to predict. And it's usually because of the quarterback position so yet again we start their. Defense Kinda fascinating like they have the potential to be one of the top three or four defenses, in the NFL but there are also a few issues which we'll talk about. But the offense okay so. Last week I went on the. Bill Simmons podcast. And we talked about the CAM signing, and he mentioned two teams that you thought should of signed Cam the bears. Who Talk about next week and the chargers and I said well the that went out the window, the second the chargers decided they were gonNA draft. Justin harbor right because you're not bringing him into that building that you know how NFL teams work so. It's hard for me to gauge this team without knowing. What the plan is with Taylor tyrod, Taylor and Herbert like are they really willing to sit herbert for multiple games or an entire season? Normally I would say heck. No I've seen this movie too many times. The NFL and I know our second. He has like one hundred eighty yard game. The Fan base will revolt. And like Tara Taylor we'll talk about him in a moment, but he does things that drive in events. Such as not taking risks now the variable here is that Anthony Lynn I genuinely believe really likes him. And by the way they were extremely productive together in buffalo years ago four years ago right so. From your perspective and I know you're not inside there. You have no idea how they're approaching it. How do you think is the best way to approach this season from the quarterback position I? Think they just I like in the building. You just have to be honest especially with a quarterback psych. Hey, this is where we sit with you. Guys tyrod. We're expecting you to. Be The starter in Justin. You're learning from him, but I think Ozzy's the best thing if they're saying. Hey, tyrod, we want you to hand over the reins after the season or we this or they just stay in step in day WANNA go. Hey, this open competition, but I think transparency. You gotta treat him like grown men and treating them like bandits helps that out. Kind of helps everyone else fall in line knock on wood, but as far as scheme wise like. I have no idea because Greg was such a big influence on the bills offense. When Taylor's Anthony Win was there. You know and I'm really curious. It's new meeting of the minds with a new quarterback so I have no just as much as you do about how this might come out, but I think there are smart enough to know what he's good at Anthony. was there was there in Buffalo in and knows okay, so he's GonNa Movement throughout which can be expected. You know he's. He's a good athlete. He's got pretty good arm and. Smart enough to operate your offense I actually think just some of the. WEAPONS ARE GONNA take a little bit as offense style kind of changes I think Yeah, so it can now who is top tier route runner breaking guys off and Philip rivers strong him the ball right on time, right in the perfect spot. That's not going to happen as much anymore. There's GonNa be some of it, but it's not going to happen six seven times a game. It might have watched twice game because I don't think tyrod Taylor's dropback. Throw thing right on time. He can do it, but it's not as bread and butter is very much, won't. Yeah or you just want. An end that's leading to. Feel Yeah Yeah. Yeah I. Wish I own. Fantasy because he's going to eat. Actually Tony. Could have a big year, too by the way. I so here's what I think I've thought a lot about tyrod Taylor, who is by the way terrible in Cleveland in verse didn't Play Very Long. I'm convinced he was banged up for some of that so if he looks like he didn't Cleveland Justin playing three. Assuming though that you know this. Anthony Lynn can get something out of him. That approximates what he did when he was head coach. I think he is going to. RIP, so much out of the Ravens played. Be. I mean and by the way Greg Romantic lent read Roman coach with bills in two, thousand, fifteen and seventeen sixteen, and he knows Taylor, who also was with Baltimore before them, but those before, but anyways they have connections. Okay, and then Lynn was. Let's see. He was running backs coach right with Buffalo, and then he was elevated to the intern. So that they are. In Lockstep in my opinion, so I think we're going to see him in pistol a ton as you mentioned, you're going to see a ton of movement throws. You'RE GONNA see a ton of play action. It's funny. Who is good in that offense? That type of offense, just Nuremberg College. Yes exactly I. I don't even think I saw Justin Herman under center in College. Coach three this. kind of seeing you kind of make sense like like all right I see how this comes together. Now yesterday when I was going through this actually now that I'm thinking about the kind of that same kind of thing. Would just a filler? Yeah I think I. Think we'll look Taylor's insanely conservative, and that's what drives people crazy and is part of reason why is at a low interception rate, but coupled with an effective? Defense, which is is, we'll talk about in a second team that can win Games oh, by the way their offense lot better to Traded, for Awesome Sonning, yeah, that's one of the best signs off season I thought and then you got my county coming back center trae turn it right left sides bit of an issue, but. It's huge I think trae turns US slight over Silje overrated. Nationally, but he still a good starter, and they're the guy starting regular last year was like should have been on the field so going from awful two good. That's a huge upgrade. Nine going from awful, a body is is an upgrade so. Speaking awful. This defense was twentieth against the pass last year twenty fifth against the run twenty injustice justice at great but..

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