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Network I'm your host Kevin Hollick is episode number two, Sixty, eight you guys haven't done so yet check us out on social media had to facebook head to twitter check out the GS MCC baseball podcast as well as the. PODCAST network linked in. Instagram facebook across the board baseball is not the only guest within the network. Actually there's upwards of thirty even more than that. It's anything you would like I mean if you can come up with a topic, there's a podcast for you whether it's books, music television movies, other sports. Music did I say that already I don't even remember there's so many broadcasts that if he can't find one that's entertaining. There's something wrong with you. That's all I'm going to say but check that out go into the search bar wherever you're listening to this podcast type in G S MC and the library will pop up and you'll have a lot of great content a lot of my co workers within the podcast network. So we certainly appreciate it but dive in now to counter the news and notes segment of the baseball podcast here today a couple of different things I wanted to touch on first of all is the news that Major League. Baseball has released the quote unquote film room, which is millions of old video clips every pitch for Major League baseball over the last three years as well as highlights dating back all the way to nineteen, twenty nine and you as the consumer are able to put together a package of up to I believe it is four different highlights and you can share those across any social media platform. So baseball is starting to finally hear the feedback in starting to understand the power of social media and the ability that this has to. Grow. The audience and sway members to become bigger fans because before they used to crack down on this all the time. If you had any sort of video online, they would shut it down. They would come at you even pitching Ninja on twitter had to go to battle, and he's basically just like guys. I'm trying to champion your product in show how difficult it is and how good these guys are at what they do and you're shutting down for it. I'm trying to partner with you while asking nothing in. Return. But spread the word of your product, and now I do think that this film room is a little bit internally focused. Still I understand the benefit of being able to put together these highlights you can't manipulate the system as much as I would like I. Know I still have to continue to dive around and learn more about it as I'm diving through highlights content learning, how to clip things back and forth short and the clips edit the clips be able to rotate damn. Do certain things edit the videos filters? Tax Things along those different lines that are what make other social media platforms stand out amongst the crowd of many. So if Major League Baseball can partner with some of these platforms I think this will continue benefited as well, but it is certainly a great step in the right direction I I mean I've come on here a couple of times and talked about how baseball needs to partner with online media and be more willing to understand that world and utilize it to be successful, and this is a good first step I think this is kind of. A lowering of the curtain. So to speak that will allow this to evolve. Because I do think baseball will find success and I do think the reaction will be positive. I. Don't know how many people will be sharing all of these highlights or be watching old videos, but I'll certainly find it entertaining or if you're having a conversation with your friends or your family over a couple of drinks you're outside it's now fall time over the weekend and you want to watch an old highlight of Willie mays or Roberto Clemente who we talked about in that. First Segment Jackie. Robinson some of these guys who pave the way for today's baseball players, and now you can do that. Now you don't have to rely on Youtube and a lot of older video I mean like i. said going all the way back to nineteen twenty nine. That's a long time ago. That's ninety years of highlights that are now available in this film room, and if you really want to take some time and go down a rabbit hole, which I would suggest because it is fun and they do have a lot of video that I've. Never. Seen before, and if you wanna put together videos of triple plays or videos of the final out of the world series or videos of complete game, no hitters the final pitch the final out of those types of instances guys who have hit four home runs in a game and kind of put those altogether in a clip and then share them online. You can do that. But the length of video does become a bit longer for some of the newer niche social media platforms that are come and go come and go a lot of high turnover. Sex Videos, things along those lines, but again, good first step for Major. League baseball certainly an improvement on what they've been doing. I can't fault them for that. Allowing any sort of video moving forward is certainly an upgrade over what things have been in the past but check that out MLB film room just type into Google you gotta sign up with an email. Of course, they wanna, you know email you to try to get you to buy something later. But as of now the film room is free and you should check it out if you're listening out there but. This week we also had let's see here I'm trying to remember which exact day it was. Was it today's Thursday Tuesday I? Think it was on the eighth. If we had the third longest at-bat in the history of Major League Baseball, it was between cardinals, Catcher Matt leaders and many twins left handed pitcher caleb fee bar Thi- bar I. think that's how you say it. So nineteen pitch battle I, it was pretty impressive to watch Wieder said fouled off fourteen. Pitches during the nineteen pitch performance before feel bar got him to fly out to the center field warning track and the bases were loaded at this point. So Theo Bar was able to get out of the jam and the cardinals were up five to two in that ain't pitches ten through fifteen. We're all fastballs that leaders was able to foul off into. Empty. Busch Stadium Number Sixteen was a high slider and then seventeen eighteen nineteen back to fastballs after that. But. Thalberg through ten consecutive three, two pitches into the strike zone. That's very impressive. I mean those are high leverage high pressure pitches because you certainly don't WanNa walk in a run in this instance in the bottom of third already down five to two. In this game, you don't want to give up any more. So that's a fascinating stat. They're being able to locate whether it's control or command ten pitches in zone in a row is a very impressive feat and looking at a tweet here from Sarah. Lang's she says, matter leader saw. Pitches. In his last plate appearance, there have been five thousand, four hundred instances this season of a player having at least four plate appearances a in a game and seeing fewer pitches than that. So a player total during the game seeing less than nineteen bitches. This happened over five hundred or five, thousand, four, hundred times and leaders did it in one play to parents? So.

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