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Has played great most of this season fifty nine seven though the team has not last night. Some of Portland's overall issue seem to catch up with him. He had nine points last night. Nine points and that broke broke in two hundred thirty game double digit scoring streak. Here he is talking about Portland's foreign eighth star. Take a look here. The quotas every season is bad stretches. It's good stretches and especially for us we always find a way to turn it around. I think that's why I'm able to people level head and still be confident that we can find our way because we have done it so many times. uh-huh all right guys. Do you think that statement from Dame bs or we'll talk we got we got. ooh This is. This is one of those things. That's accurate here. Put Not true him saying we always find a way to turn around is true. They have done that. But you're not saying about this particular time By the way as a quick aside how about the raptors. Play the Lakers. Lebron to play the clippers would say lost Dame Lillard. They hold the combined those three stars they the hold him to thirty four points on twenty four percent shooting over those three games without. Wow How lowry. They lost two starters on this trip but anyway the blazers have you've done this before they have gotten off to bed starts and turn it around. I especially feel optimistic about this year. But that statement in and of itself is true perks burks Kombi S. and I'm not calling dame BIA's because he could turn it around and they had like you said Brian they have turned it around but they're they're not gonNA turn it around. This is not the same team.

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