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Revolutionary process. K pop burst onto the scenes in the early ninety s now it's a billion dollar industry potential stars recruited early. You could be anywhere from age ten to fourteen and you could get recruited simply because a rep from the agency saw you at the mall and thought that you look for GIS. They trained for many hours on little sleep hoping to make it big, and it's a big expo for South Korea north just might play in terms of popularity and expanding South Korean influence or softball abroad. This week we asked how did capable conquer the world. BBC news. Hello. I'm Jerry Smith. The Chinese telecommunications, giant highway, has criticized President Trump's decision to declare national emergency to protect US networks against what he calls foreign adversaries. In addition, the Commerce Department said he was getting khloe and seventy Phileas to listening companies from getting components and technology from US firms, without government approval, charisma Swannee is Limbaugh by, I think it would be fair to say that, while we has been expecting this, the US has broadcast the fact that it was going to make a move like this. I several months now and Wally has consistently said that if the United States made a move like this banning it out of its market. It would actually hurt the US more than hurt, while we and the reason for that is because the US is an insignificant market, while we says, when it comes to sales, and that's definitely true, but the. The fact that American companies now need a license to sell their products to hallway that will be quite troublesome potentially, damaging to hallways business in the future. The Spanish authorities say the former political leader of the separatist group editor y'all suit turnover has been detained in FRANZ report said the arrest was coordinated with French intelligence services. You'll see ten Tenerife is wanted over a deadly bombing in Spain in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven. The Philippines has recalled his ambassador to Canada in an escalation of a dispute over the disposal of more than one hundred shipping containers filled with household waste a Canadian companies send the containers more than five years ago, how Johnson reports last month Philippine President Rodrigo deter ty- threatened to declare war against Canada, if the waste was removed in a timely fashion deadline of may fifteen will set by Manila today, the country's foreign secretary teddy looks in junior announced in a tweet that target had been missed as so diplomatic staff will be withdrawn from Canada, the Canadian embassy in Manila have told the BBC that they've made an offer to repatriate the waste and are closely engaged with the Philippines to show the shipments return as quickly as possible, a research, charity has pledged one hundred million dollars to boost the treatment of snake, bites the money from the London-based Wellcome Trust will be used to develop new anti-venom 's is estimated that about one hundred twenty thousand people die. From snake bites every year. Dr David Williams is an expert on snake bites at the World Health Organization. Many of these people would they do have a snake, but they never to a health centre I because I don't have the money to be able to afford even transport to get the but they don't have the money to pay for the treatment. Then you've got the whole socio, cultural context, where in many societies snake bought is not necessarily safe as a health problem. You're listening to the world news from the BBC. The Saudi led military coalition and Yemen has carried out several s strikes on the capital center, which is being held by the rebels in apparent retaliation for their attacks against Saudi oil installations on Tuesday residents said the air strikes targeted nine military sides and around San the statement said the strikes were aimed at neutralizing the ability, the who is to carry out acts of aggression. He does civilians to avoid the areas. At least ten construction workers in the Chinese city of Shanghai have been trapped in the wreckage of a building the collapsed during renovation work. Chinese state media says eleven people have been pulled from the rubble the voting in Shanghai's residential, Changping district was, reportedly an old factory that was being refurbished voters show that several floors have caved in on top of each other. The head of the ruling military council in Sudan, has said the talks with pro democracy leaders have been suspended for seventy two hours, general Abdel Fattah, Bajan said roadblocks put up by protesters in recent days in the capital Khartoum would be cleared one protester in her tomb and us told the BBC the roadblocks have now gone. Cates, and they're all blocks were removed last night, there protesters spent a long time the whole night to remove them as a response to the call out there then is professional association. Even some members of the forces of freedom and change. They joined the tres to remove the end necesary barricades, and which created tension and made the TMC angry a sculpture by the American artist. Jeff Koons has been sold for nearly ninety one million dollars at auction in New York. The sale of stainless steel casting of an inflatable rabbit, sent a new record for a living artist beating the previous one held by David Hockney BBC news. This is the inquiry on the BBC World Service with me. Kavita Puri each week, one question. Four expert witnesses and then answer. It's nineteen ninety two and three young men in a boy band performing in a live television talent.

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