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The putin's thumb and means germany will pull billions of euros into russian coffers while nato and particularly the us has to spend billy liens defending europe against the russians so he thinks it's a kind of russian bridgehead into europe breaching nato defenses you know there are these two things happening somewhat simultaneously in which the president is playing the role of bull in the china shop and those are trade negotiations and then of course these defense conversations are they related in some way what is the what is the bigger picture here technically they should not be related about they are politically and emotionally intertwined it was very noticeable but in his various public comments today in brussels president trump talked not only about defense spending but also trade and talked about increases in both so i think as far as president trump is concerned yes there is a connection is particularly for the president a concern about germany which he sees as a country which may major exporting country with a huge surplus on it's a trading account which is sitting back and benefiting from the security shield provided at great expense by american taxpayers stephen beard as marketplace's european bureau chief steven thanks so much for the time thank you molly on wall street today markets seem to think things are getting real in the trade war and they don't like it we'll have the details when we do the numbers more on the tariff fallout that isn't really bad news when the us proposed adding this other two hundred billion dollars in tariffs on chinese goods this week it included a few let's say questionable items like live trout radio tape players and liquefied natural gas now tariffs on those items might hurt china if the us actually imported any of them but we don't china sends none of those items to the us and when it comes to liquefied natural gas in particular or lng as those in the know call it china's actually really interested in our guests so much so that ellen g could be one american export that could bypass tariffs marketplace's justin ho has more natural gas is so popular that the panama canal is rushing to double the number of slots a gives the ellen g tankers the canal will also let more of them pass through at the same time even at night sylvia dan marucci handles market research for the canal we know that volumes of energy from the united states are going doing increase new natural gas plants have been popping up all along the gulf coast in recent years all the new g projects are pretty much gearing up to supply china energy analyst barbara shook china's in the middle of a nationwide shift toward cleaner products like ellen g shook says that's poised to make the us atop ellen g exporter it certainly helps improve the us balance of try china's been signing deals with suppliers in gulf coast states to import more gas damian ma at the university of chicago says at a time when trade tensions between the us and china or high the free flow of ellen g has a benefit that's to probably offer some countervailing forces to what's happening between washington and beijing so far china has not levied tariffs on that gas moss says china could look elsewhere if things escalate but barbara shook says china is hungry for allergy and the us has a lot of it the united states is bliss with so much general gas i mean we're talking about decades if not centuries worth of natural gas which could give the us a powerful tool in geopolitics i'm just in ho for marketplace okay enough trade talk how's that workday going good bad ready to walk out in a huff will if you did you wouldn't be alone more americans are quitting their jobs nowadays the latest numbers out from the labor department show that in may the most recent batch of data available the socalled quits rate hit its highest level since two thousand one that tells us that at least in some sectors people feel good enough about the economy to dump that old job and take a chance on a new gig marketplace's kimberly adams reports from washington that it also tells us something about wages these numbers came out in the monthly job openings and labor turnover survey casually known by the people who talk about this sort of thing casually as the jolts report kate bond is an economist at the washington center for equitable growth so with the.

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