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So you can be more of an insider into the shows and I can do promotions and mentions for the Biz. So think about it. Thanks for being here and You know let's get into the show because. I've got some topics here that I've been thinking about for a while been doing a lot of true crime on on both my podcast, but this subject or subjects has been. With me for a while just been thinking more about it how I wanted to present it to you and maybe get your take on it. So when you are part of my show, you can always. Do a comment or message. Maybe Tell me something I don't know because I. Don't know everything. You know I'm an author obviously a podcast hosted and I've got some ideas about stuff I'm more into stories and connections and with the top some coverage today Bitcon, and Robin Hood. I think there's something to be learned from it now if you haven't heard about, bitcon. It was something that happened recently and just preface this episode I am talking about teenagers. So I don't mention any names like you read stuff in the news and it's a teenager. It's pretty rare for them to mention their name if they're under eighteen years old sometimes, I'd do it if they are if it's like a federal case but. For me I try not to do that. So I'm talking about the subjects and forward thinking about what the future could be. But here we are with something called. Bitcon it went down recently where. A teenager you know. They all grew up on technology, and if you're like Gen xer older like myself I'm like I grew up in the genetics Erica yet cable TV and MTV knows about it but if you grew up. Previous to that or in more recent times like the millennial John's e obviously raised on technology. They know that stuff from back in to do something where you can have twitter accounts and you can spearfish into key employees at twitter to get access to the account dashboard, and then sent out tweets from some of the biggest names on twitter. That's impressive. At first of all, it's just incredible hacking but how do you do that? Well you know the kid that did it was seventeen years old. He recently got busted at went down in Florida. So he is subject to all the state regulations are in Florida and got some federal stuff on a two because of all the the fraud and. The stuff that involves. But how he went about it as through a method called spearfishing and you're familiar with fishing in email. So if you've got an email address. got a yahoo you're used to getting some. Messages where. They come from someone that you haven't. Known and and it's just there's a story. So who's ever got a story selling something and if you click on that link, it's going to do something to you via dot link like install PA malware back on your computer and allow us to do what they they do. So that's kind of a general of the overall idea about fishing but spearfishing is where you're making it personal and in this case of the twitter bitcon because the whole intention was to get bitcoin transactions. The young man did a spear phishing attack on twitter which was too key employee's I would say like maybe C. level executives. where? If you're making it personal in that communication, which would be like an email and that's coming from. Like a source like upper level management at it looks legit. There's logic to it and there's they know that they're not gonNA question it because it has to happen Arabs of superiority. Why would you question your upper level management about something? So they clicked on those links and that enabled the hacking to begin to get to the account dashboard and when those tweets were sent out, it was blue July fifteenth on a bunch of different accounts from. Think like Barack Obama and Jeff bezos Why would they ever send out tweets like this where? You could Exchange thousand dollars for two thousand dollars and. Why Why would you think that Jeff? Bezos the richest man the world would care about two and a tweet like that. But people click on that stuff they it's obviously a trusted source. There's no questioning that it's coming from twitter as a tweet and that it's a legitimate account that they follow from some of the biggest names in the world. But those tweets went and it was for. Like an offer of exchanging one thousand dollars for two thousand dollars Bitcoin. And the money went into another bitcoin address managed by the hacker over one hundred, thousand dollars in Bitcoin was. was made and it was quickly shut down so. In those types of situations the people who manage those accounts the big names that I mentioned they're probably gonNA notice those tweets within fifteen to twenty minutes. So you've got a limited amount of time to pull off the scheme. So on one hand we've got Bitcoin we've got a teenager who has the skills the ability to do something great with technology but. Turns it around and being a thief. And I don't know if there's any guilt or shame about somebody who is. A hacker that somebody who's doing things digitally and thinking that there's no one getting hurt in the process more stealing from such wealthy individuals or. Not Stealing from them directly but. You know what the platform is and that trust there. So I don't think on the the hacker side especially with a teenager who has got like a ideal about most seniors have an idea of more mortality that's very little. They don't understand mortality until they're older. So they do riskier things, but it's a crime nonetheless and it's a big crime. So. People are affected, people get hurt and I just wonder if the. The teenager or the people that do this. Really have any empathy or think that they're hurting anyone and it seems like they don't. So, we got the big CON. And then we've got the Robin. Hood. So this is the flip side of the technology in bringing up. Get bit calm I'm thinking about how the thief is going about the technology to to use a platform to manipulated to spearfish too well and. Get what they're after, which is which is. Now on the flip side of it, I think about the APP Robin Hood And you might have heard recently within the last three months four months I. think it was right around the start of whole coronavirus deal but. A teenager was using the Robin Hood up like most of them are he I will say that I don't know the age of the young man he might have been under twenty years old he might have been older but I know that he was like in the millennial range. So for robinhood APP that is their target, they have millions of users a good deal of a percentage of their users are of a younger age and what they do is they game by their APP I W- also prefaced by saying I've never used throughout by looked at screen shots I've read a lot about it but the whole process of investing. Getting, starting with investing is as simple as signing up for like an Uber Ride, they know that they're taking advantage of that Use of their interface that people are used to especially.

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