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ESPN happens except Channel 80 keep weighing in on Twitter getting a lot of great tweets all you about tonight, the big trade happening India involving four teams and James Harden on his way to the Brooklyn that's like Todd, who said it, Coleman, ESPN. And the infancy ESPN, she says. I was glued to Twitter. When trade details came out, I would have lost it if Carrie was in the deal. I'm here for that drama to L O. L keep winging on Twitter about your thoughts about the trade James Harden and eight draft picks for its spots. Three swabs. Excuse me for other picks going to the Houston Rockets, probably 14 trade keep weighing in a coma, ESPN And also, if it's ESPN, we got some coaching news real quick. So we get to the New York just opening their coaching search and urban mind me having another team for services trying to get back in the game news out of Alabama regarding a former coach about the joint staff Index saving Yeah, and this is AH, It's the big one. Bill O'Brien, former head coach, the Houston Texans. After and I'm going back now, two weeks. It was a Saturday and it was before the Rose Bowl. So you're going back to the Saturday before the rose. Give me the Yeah, yeah. Against Notre Dame. Um, the Rose Bowl's in Texas. But he shows up fusion. Yeah, yeah. I mean, it was like, Wait, What? I was there. I was part of the broadcast. That's the worst part man. I got a boost have the Cotton Bowl in New York City, Bill O'Brien came to campus the day after the rose and stayed in Tuscaloosa. From that we can all the way until Thursday. That's a long time man. It was just to be checking out some dreamland in Archibald's barbecue or hitting up Chuck for some sushi, right, so he wasn't there for the food, right? So He was there just in beyond intrigue, talking to two different people inside that Alabama program. It was he was immense, just completely dove into the deep end of the pool to see what exactly Makes this place so unique under Nick Saving And right now, our man Chris Lowe is reporting that Bill O'Brien, former head coach of the Texans, will be the new offensive coordinator, replacing Steve Sarkeesian. You left to go to Texas. At Alabama. And a hair care we go again. Ready yet? Lane Kiffin? Yes, Steve Sarkeesian? Yeah. I mean, Mike Stoops is there right now, But Jones has got a new guy got coaching job again. You know Major Applewhite and offensive coordinator back in college football. It is the healing hands. Of saving when he lays them upon the on you spend time at the capstone. You leave a transformed angel Kelowna and you go back into the world and you have immense success. Even though I don't need the healing hands of saving laid upon the back show up like Brian Table. Outstanding offensive coordinator for the Buffalo Bills went to Tuscaloosa to have those hands laid upon him. And now he is a head coaching candidate when the hottest names In the National Football League. That is what Saint Nick does. So here comes Bill O'Brien, the latest one Have those healing hands laid upon his forehead. If you spend one year with that guy, you will be a head coach again. At least a coordinator somewhere with your reputation wiped clean and you have a fresh start. That's for those healing hands. Could do. Mr. Coleman will this girl okay?.

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