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I don't think you can ever close the window on a team with an offense like that with, you know, spread manure Alvarez and hope they pumping right now still hotel to Van Carlos Correa. But I would say that it's toward the end. But again, even that close, you know if your window was one World Series championship from another world was runner up. Not a success. Although the way they did it has very much been tainted. Yeah, no doubt about that. Kyle Glaser. Baseball America. Join me on CBS Sports Radio. Kyle always enjoy the conversation. Enjoy. The games will catch up against you Appreciate you making time. Yeah, my pleasure. Anytime, Shawn. Thanks, Kyle. Appreciate that. Kyle Glaser. Baseball America does a great job. Yeah, I'm looking at the standings right now, and I root for a team. That's scuffles pretty badly there 10 and 10 day to climb back to beat Seattle twice to get that sentence and They'd make the play offs today at 10 and 10. I think they would They be tied with the Tigers, who are nine and nine. Boy, these records are getting his team's these teams that got stuck with games against teams that Cove it outbreaks. What a weird season man like I can't even get worked up about it. Like it's just freaking weird. They're the Cardinals at four and three. You know here, the state here. The standings in the National League Central. You ready? Chicago Cubs 13 and five Good baseball team. In second place the ST Louis Cardinals at four and three Four and 3 13 in five and then four and three and then the Brewers at nine and 10. So you got a team that's played 18 games, A teams played seven games and a team. It's played 19 games. It's just hard for me to get worked up like I get emotional watching the games. I root for my team. I want them to win. Especially because the rest of America hates him so much right now. The Astros, but it's it's just it's hard against super worked up about the season overall, because you look at the standard like all right, this is just freaking weird. It's just weird. Eight by 5 to 1 to four. CBS Are you in a city where baseball is weird right now? Eight by.

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