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Would put in their lands iron iron ropes on poles and criss cross the sky with cobwebs the contrails and then finally towards our time when would be a great alliance of the sun the swastika and the red and that would make a great war on turtle island that's what they called North America which in a way looks from space a bit like a hand and so they then said it when that happened when the court of ashes was exploded near their lands now the Hopi gourd it's a round ball this bottom with a thin neck if you turn it upside down it looks like a mushroom cloud and they they talk about the this thing with this court of ashes of the lift this weapon that would make sterile the land as that it blew up on and when those warnings finally came they knew it was time to stop keeping secrets their oral tradition and they they were going to have to tell the people of the world as they're entering the times of the fifth the fourth world being destroyed into the fifth world where the last time it happened through flood and so many other cultures talk about it and that may be an objectively speaking because when the ice age and a ten thousand BC and the sudden flood of rising oceans could be that many people mostly living on the ocean all have these flood stories well we have something happening into possibilities in the next few decades that deal with fire a a runaway climate change of warming destructive climate and the danger of World War three nuclear bombs yeah so so the thing you know the final warnings are that the the we would bring stones back from the moon and build a TP a house in the sky that was permanent space station alpha and so all the warnings have been fulfilled so we have entered they also talked about the main causes of the purification of fire was ecological imbalance.

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