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Magnificent radio station. The whole bunch belongs to us. For the next six hours, dozens were going With because Bruce Okay, let's have a little town hall. A little mini town hall the way I like to open up to show a little bit. You know, I was thinking a few moments ago, I was talking to Coleman Rich and Said. You know, I really look forward to this time. He's four hours that we spent together and then I look forward to Tony going on the air. For those two hours, It's zik sours. It's four hours from the tooth Tony of Love. The music is greeted to time for and that we only I know from your manner from you email and all the things you've been setting, you know the social media, etcetera, etcetera. How much you need this. Erin got to tell you something. I needed and Tony needs it. And we all need it. Right. So we are all together in this and we're gonna have four fabulous hours. Just a baby. You know what? Our life a Resa recently I'm just Wake up. Oh, J. Okay? Tommy. My doctor said Take it is much too strong. I'll add it to your change. I can't say. 00 Retains J. J. J. J. Yeah, sure. You fools. I guess you had a.

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