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Question. Hello raj it's john. From dover foxcroft. Me i'm a supporter of leicester city football club and the united states national teams I was on twitter and notice that you re tweeted about a practice right. Contestant named craig who won the season ticket package to mls team of his choosing. And i was wondering. Is this the best example of baldwin baldwin bald lose of all time thanks and if jones some do for folks cross made gotta miss maine is talking about. Let's listen to the grand prize from prices right earlier this week. Which must rank. Also this one of these single greatest moments in molest history great prize. It's mls season tickets. You'll receive twenty twenty two season ticket package to to the major league soccer glove of your choice either all the home game action of your favorite franchise and route them on all the way to next year's championship match. Vip parking concessions. Snacks are included. It's an amazing. Go bless craig look at a clip. It's a labor twitter. He pulled the brave facial that say smiled as if he just wants super bowl tickets for his family. But you'll say new behind the smile. Dj's really expecting a powerboat to be pulled out early. Some stainless steel cutlery and state noise. For god's sake how they valued. Mls season ticket at eleven thousand. I mean maybe. It's worth in. Tom or gam or site credits book. God just look out for those on the market. All i'm saying. I watched i said wonder. And it starts thing steve taken with approaches right as well. This chips chips next question. Hi raj happy birthday. This is chris calling from lexington kentucky. Where soccer is played on the bluegrass and sad maps or preceded by law suburban as a lifelong good fan. I'm taking sad maps. More often these days but i wanted to focus on the positive and ask you about resilience As a personal quality. It's an element of tenacity. Which i know is bangor's favorite Love your interviews with him by the way But i don't think it's the same. I think resilience is closest to what david calls the bounce back ability and we've had enormous examples of that recently. The us men in honduras arsenal winning at norwich. Please god let us be a start of a better trend And so i'm curious. Who is your favorite person who embodies resilience For me not surprisingly has to be the young man but soccer just after his infamous penalty of the euro's and the horrific abuse she had at just nineteen He was in the world cup qualifiers again recently. and on his twentieth birthday Had a hell of a game and yes heaters. I know it was against dora but after year early goal two assists. Selene guard. Who is maybe another. Great example of resilience then gets a goal then gets man of the match. And he played with such positivity enjoy it brings tears up really to even think about it now. So which player is it for. You raj who has resilience. And what lessons can we take from them. And also what premier league team do you think is going to be most resilient this year. Thanks courage. Chris i live kentucky. Thank you for your birthday wishes in la arsenal fans. How are you feeling headed. Your team's game this weekend cates. Burnley at turf more. Which is our snow akin to an annual physical turn your head and cough mckell cut level trying to sound so bloody positive that you would never note is squad remains a real work in progress is mikhail. I can really see the light that i'm telling you. I'm very positive most of the times. And i've seen the light. And i can see a bright light and and they can be bumps from the roads within that the lights but i can see a lot of light walk towards the light. Mckell warm towards the light. You asking me for the most tenacious figure in all the football. Look that is like a sophie's choice of a question you know. I see tenacity everywhere. I'm like a moth to a flame to one of the reasons why she saved drew into the game. I'm drawn to sports in general jesse lynn. God mckell antonio daffyd moi. Shameless coleman collie lloyd. Marcus with daniel farka christie sinclair virtual that late blooming poor powerhouse christian pulisic the tennessee to show himself over and improves over over and over and over again lynn williams alex career duncan robinson kelsey plum all in all in a more and more all of the show palae described into to kill a mockingbird as real. Courage is when you know you'll let before you begin but you begin any way and see through new matter what i think about that a lot in a day or age or time or place and ultimately the most tenacious to me that i've seen in the modern period. It's not footballer tennis plan. Yeah amoretti candidate who i find so unbelievably in sparring even more than victory that flawless glory. The usa was the tenacity she summoned at such a tender age just. At if so much did. This did not play through in america's loudly as it did in britain but when she when she crap out of wimbledon there were so many twitter believe seventy put-down merchant seventy assholes who just put down. I mean seven. Roy wave see as poor and god. What a write up. I made them eat that word to make that bullying pay what it is which is small and filled with self loathing was magnificent. Don't take my word for it. I'm gonna leave you with some words from european cloak who marveled at emma's tenacity and a humility this week and there's a lot of life in his thinking it gives us a lesson. I will be back with you on monday on morning. Joe and with the port until that big big big love. Big big big wishes for courage and.

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