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Children battling critical illnesses and I heart radio station news ninety three point one KFBK at five thirty one welcome to the program I'm Sam Shane I'm Christina Madonna say it is Thursday may twenty first Jan here's the latest rating in the governor the effort under way at the state capitol to slow the spending and balance the power why hundreds of doctors across the nation now urging president trump to end the shut downs and is your kitchen creation missing something a run on a common ingredient is starting to impact at home chefs more on the story straight ahead but first let's get a concealed thing to look at on the road to Brian noble looking pretty good this report is brought you by P. Jeannie we've been telling about some overnight road work with causing lane restrictions had quite a list of that stuff going on right now there's one spot in which it is still causing a bit of a delay that's north on ninety nine filming in from golf to get slow down at Arnold road A. continues past Villard road as you cross the consume this river then you start to pick up speed the rest of the way and the downtown Sacramento all of that is scheduled to be clearing up rather shortly about six o'clock this morning they should be picking up the cones and reopening the lanes you could be saving eighteen percent or more on your energy bill the P. Jeannie rate assistance program the easy to apply and you don't need proof of income just text S. A. V. E. to two oh two eight three to apply again just text S. A. V. E. to two oh two eight three traffic on the cans every ten minutes mornings and afternoons Brian nobles date was ninety three point one K. F. B. K. mostly sunny today and warmer this afternoon with a high between eighty two and eighty six clear to partly cloudy tonight with a low of fifty to fifty four partly to mostly sunny tomorrow and breezy.

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