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To a c green at the top of the key. Steve Kerr chaos chaos. I feel that we give oral sex watching cat. Ooh Oh I died Dennis off. Who DOES HOPPER DENNIS? Hof Do think Dennis Hof died. Shoot at three Jimmy. Kimmel do Dennis Hopper one of the sixty or seventy greatest actors. He died last year thing. Didn't he hawked. I gotta own the kind of the fucking raffle in Nevada. Yeah he's been dead is all fucking lifted. No He's been alive live do lives. Did you see the pictures of the women was nasty? Yeah I don't think I have. I wouldn't have any of those go to that place. Would I guess just prison? I was feeling I guess. Would you ever get a prostitute? I end high end ten grand where someone like Abu Dhabi or something. Yeah one of the sand dollars. Yeah fucking little desert dwellers Oh yeah I give him his car dashing type of gals you know they got that. If you if you could have been risky pretty woman what would appear to be probably Judi dench now. We're on the same page. There clothes for me Julia on Dreyfuss. No truly aunt Julie Andrews Julia Child's child that is Julia from pretty one trillion Rob Julia Roberts. You could name Julia Roberts leaving Julia and pretty woman but you know the most the most famous actress and not even an obscure Julia Julia. That's not real man naming those broads if you could waking up right now and wake up as a famous male celebrity just wake up and then your hip. Who is it James Woods? Oh I thought your say James I mean some fun roles I guess I'm trying to think a big Dick really fast. Bender has pipe apparently. Have you seen pictures and drawing on? Yeah Yeah this guy. Got CAUGHT ALMOST TO HIS KNEE. Tickle his talks on the Internet. Hey Siri show me a picture of Michael Fast? Benders invented that probably invented that technology presidential bid. I found his big huge cock online. Check out some searches. Here's what I found for Michael Bender huge cock online and saved a few top line for news. Do you think he saw Moore penises before the internet or after the war. I just follow broad Taymor penis because when we were everybody showed their cock but but as a man but as women probably seacock way more now the technology because Dick. Pics are sent out all the time. I'm only using lot less than when we first got phones. Everyone was centered on time out. I'm not talking about the strangers. People Send Dick to be with their talking to look. I'll send it to guide. It's almost a girls the crazy guys under the gross. What crazy. That's the normal scenario? Dude Jason Tibo. One hundred bucks. He lets me use pictures of his Dick on similar his Dick as thick. It doesn't matter it's still you're sending a picture of a Dick Dick Dick. I don't think it holds up in court. They would say that was my. That's how my Dick or you just got hit by a fucking straight single again. I'd be sending out Limp Dick Pics. Hi there is. I sent a girl. One time is a picture of the shadow of your debt into a house mask and a little mini night and makes it look so much bigger because you can just back away the wall. They have When I was young they had a dude who would draw Jerusalem policy for you for the weekend. Let you take it home guy at the fair. Pay 'em four bucks. I just a good artist. Yeah we'll just drop some draw. Some good eve make eighty dollars on a Friday. Thick high school. Kid know this Middle Schools. Six Raider draw plus and you take it home. Oh Yeah you pay for it. That's now you're finding. I took a picture of somebody in front looking to ask. Look at that fucking look at Holy Shit on know what that is a stupid. He's not talking anything in those wouldn't look at look at. He's assist Goof or get no Dick on someone. Show that to the camera so they can see the rights. Michael Bender is going to green. Let us know when I was him if I had a fucking hog that put that all over the place I've put a billboard on. Oh okay. Here's Michael Fast Benders Dick this reaction. This isn't going to help the whole Dick Right there. Oh my God told You Mirror. Yeah you can even see an jeans. What do you mean it's close up? Look at that while. That's not your thing that is somebody made that somebody made a digger. Nfl genes in black jeans. Dude did you on thirteen. I can't even hear it all right. This is hiding my zipper. This is the worst Dinner Party. I've ever by four. There's gotta get divorces horrible. This is Michael Fast. Benders Dick it would be grooming their quick showing me that look at that. See The fucking outline of the helmet right there. Oh through jeans. Making his dig is putting a dent in dental. Could never be a marine. Who is go fast but none of us could be a fucking Maria. I could maybe be one. The Fuck Outta here. No remotely be remain. No memory. I can't even say definitely kept I. You'll never be accompanying. None of us could be a fucking marina. Okay Bliss right out. Let's do. Let's kick US accounting. Get rid of not kicked me out. It would make you shave your fucking head. Say Okay you're cool with that. Yeah okay second of all say what time you wake up in the morning from probably a quarter to eight not early enough not early enough you were going to probably do you make you work out the moment you wake up. No I don't then you're not a fucking marine every morning you make your bed every day. I don't believe is there anything on your floor is a chair and corporal? You got a fucking go. You're not a marine that chair fucking taking commands fifty fifty not a marine marine's. The new slogan is. Hey you do you. Do we say that if if that's installing twenty unless you don't feel like they just had some five nine fucking one near sixty in a row no breaks no breaks the fuck out. They're not doing push ups here by this. Took money in it on it. I know excuses row but money money inside a stuff like this payable and you'll do sixty push ups right here bro and Brian how much how much good I put. I put one hundred bucks as he can't get sixty. I'll put a hundred bucks a says you can't do sixteen zero. I wouldn't even do sixty for two hundred bucks regard. How much how much would you do? Sixty four maybe two G. Get the fuck this is. This is absurd. What's our budget for this show Campbell? Tripoli pro I just take from other shows and just make the same thing. I've had a lot of sugar. I'm dope it's a good Tom. Problem Muscles to engage in on at. Here's a better question in fact than sugar. How many more ups than me do you think you could do? Probably fifty five fifty five more than me so if I go bang out twenty right now. Seventy five twenty two. Now I can do. Twenty could probably give it thirty knowing that he's GonNa do eighty. Yeah how about this one hundred and twenty dollars? You guys do fifty push-ups you'll get me after. I just say that fifty push-ups Earth okay. Yeah Yeah Okay. We're going to do it on the table. I can't do it on the table. I WANNA burn my fucking eyeballs. Yeah are we GONNA do right here? Fucking watch a boy okay. I'm going to do. Let me real quick. I'm going to see how many I can do. Okay here we go along. Why maybe three four five was through his back. Fifty Bro okay. I'll do a row. Yeah for one hundred twenty table then we the money right now. I'll put down this credit card. Actually I might up from NAPA punk. Throw up I'll BURSAR. You've you've got the X. Box if I throw up you'll give you extra bug up one twenty five. We have to see the bomb though. Just alive keep it like this phone for the same player. Okay something's burning guys you only. Something's burning it's a ginger. But see the heat. I want you guys might know Andrew from I'm dying up here. Yeah he's about to hang out fifty push over. We grow one two three four five six seven s safe selling nine hundred eleven twelve. Ooh Look at him sweating row if he lived steam coming off of really. Red Red smoke. Bay Bang Rachel Young looking full of these Indians food and now he's going to do all their stunts. Were we add come on dirty true forty butthole getting all sweet?.

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