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Astronauts splashed down in the Gulf on a space X capsule, you're listening to ABC News. Paid for by government. A comic mothers of Casey Goodson Junior and Mukai, a. Bryant were among 100 people at City Hall on Saturday afternoon, and Columbus, speaking about those who have died at the hands of law enforcement, Goodson was shot six times by Franklin County Sheriff's deputy Jason made in December. Bryant was shot four times by a Columbus police officer in April as she lunged at another woman with a knife. Ryan's mother, Paula, stood with her attorney, saying the system failed. Both her and her daughter Sue, My health is hosting a drive through covert 19 vaccine clinic Today in Akron. The clinic is open from seven a.m. until five p.m. at the corporate Services Center on Gorge Boulevard. A local family is in mourning because of a massive tragedy overseas. And Ohio family is in mourning because of a massive tragedy overseas are Cleveland Heights Man was one of 45 people killed in a stampede in a religious gathering in Israel. That victim 21 year old You'll see Cone of Cleveland Heights Cone, the son of the 7th and 8th grade principal at Hebrew Academy of Cleveland's high school campus and Beechwood, Rabbi Simca Dessler of Hebrew Academy of Cleveland, said in a statement that you'll see was an incredible young man who endeared interjected himself to all Stampede happened as hundreds slipped and fell over each other on a slippery ramp. I'm Tom or the Ohio State. Buckeyes had 10 players selected in the 2021 NFL draft, tying them with Alabama for the most picks this year. I may see Jepson Keeping you up today to a trending news stories at the top and bottom of every hour. Columbus is used is on use. Radio 6 10 w TV END erupt. I'm Chris Allen, CEO.

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