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The Danettes every single day as soon as Mike Rico's dumb with his lunch talk live on. Nbc US and then we We will be on. Nbc Send for the final two hours. That's when Michael Strain on NBC. Sports Boston Tom. Curren will join us. And then Gary Vein or Chuck Gary V. The investor entrepreneur and one of the gentleman behind the All in challenge that took off so amazingly well. Millions of dollars being raised for people to fight food insecurity right now. So many people go into Hungary and Gary V will be joining us the CEO and Co founder vein or median. So much more diehard jet Fan. That's how we're going to wrap up the show in this first hour Matt Miller of bleacher reports calling in in about eight minutes time. He is their draft Scout. He will be all over the final twenty four hours of BS or separating the wheat from the Chaff. The smoke from the fire and all the smokescreens. We know what's going to go down Tomorrow night in the NFL draft. Isaiah Simmons should not have a long night. I don't think so. He could wind up. Being a giant could wind up being a brown four attend anywhere in between is as Simmons of Clemson. Football will be joining us right in the middle of this first hour. So we're all over this draft all over everything going on and Just when you thought it was all over between the Love Affair Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. They cannot quit each other. They cannot quit each other. Oh Gosh let me soak this all in serious dude dude. Whatever you're getting right now just wait till the top of the next hour. Because I don't really have the the room the breath to explore the studio space on this one right now Chris. Brockman my resident mass whole over. There I don't really have that because again Matt Miller is calling in and seven minutes time and we know we know that the Tampa Bay buccaneers will not be in the market for tight end in this year's they have the market cornered on tight ends. I'll tell you what the tight end market in the draft. This year was a maybe at an all time low but that. Oj Howard they still do. They've cameron bright right right. Rob Gronkowski coming at you. The recently unmasked singer is GonNa come back into the National Football League. Just a cup of coffee with the. Wwe doors twenty four seven Champions Cup of coffee sitting on the sidelines dancing with the laker girls and have a good time with it is best life man. If there's ever been something that we need it's a reunion between Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski with Bruce Arians stoned right in the middle. Oh Baby Oh man. Do we ever need football to start on time this year? Right WHAT SCENARIO BRADY GRONK? And they have to pro bowl wide receivers already there at the going and they've got the fourteenth overall pick in this draft tonight. I'll be on the air at nine eastern time on NFL network. I'll be live from Stage two in my office otherwise known as the left corner of my desk. That'll be after. I'll be on stage one rehearsing this afternoon in the zoom meeting with me on and Kevin. Hart's apparently going to zoom in all right. He's Hardier outs. I wait this afternoon. That'll be undrafted. Thon PREPARATION OF DRAFT. Ifan live tomorrow night by the way. How about Tom Brady coming on? And let's Talk Rock Talk Rock in the first half hour drafted on live tomorrow night. Nfl twitter facebook twitter and Youtube. I bet you Brady's he can't get his camera work in. That'd be working. How does Zoom Zoom Room at that time our our second our guest Michael Stray who by the way is also taking part in Gary? V's all in challenge. It's Nice Nice ticket package for when we're all out of this madness back to real normal life again when Gronk and Brady will be out there and Pewter Tampa Bay Florida. I sense that I smelled it. We we we whiffed it last year and now. I guess after a year of being part you're being a part gronk decides to tell the Patriots. I WANNA play with Tom to their credit. By the way they say okay to their credit to Bella Bella checks crafts credit. Like okay. You don't WanNA play for us. You don't play for him. Go thanks for the memories that thanks for the thanks for the great play for all those years thanks to his name you could have totally been spiteful about this thing right -solutely been spiteful about this thing we'll say and Tom GonNa join us in the third hour today but he wrote a com-. Yesterday he said that Bill has always been about what's good for the team football business and it made a football business decision. They now have a fourth round. Pick that they did not have. That's right and they traded a guy that they didn't plan on having anyway because he retired and you could sit there and say what's the fourth round pick. What happened in the sixth round? Pick of two thousand. You hit the Jackpot anywhere. We'll all those picks. Now look at that we got to. We've got to adjust. We gotta get you gotTa Change. The FONT FONT gets smaller. Have a dozen picks right look at that. They got four. I got four picks in the first three rounds. Twelve picks overall. You could put a couple of those thirds and a fourth. Maybe a second even next year and move. They're not gonna do that thinking to stay put. Now they're gonNA turn the emissary second it'll be jarred stood up to to Cameron break and commendable probably to maybe the OJ Howard. Maybe he'll come up too soon too soon. It's too soon for me to go all in in the manner in which I truly want to go all in because we have too much to. What's going on right? Now is the draft tomorrow. It we get a lot of NFL draft draft our first hour year Matt Miller of Bleach report calling any was gonNA call in about thirteen minutes time when Isaiah Simmons said. Hey I'll come on in the first hour we're like okay. We're all good. Let's do it right there. We go okay. I mean I was eating my feelings a little bit yesterday afternoon around like twelve thirty when all this was going down I had a good cry. Did you really now okay? I'm fine. I'm del Tufo. You gotta who said last week when we were chewing on this figuratively. I'm usually zero point. Zero drop by the way thanks to our friends at NBC. Sports in the Sunday night football on NBC twitter handle. They're right on it soon. As grant got traded to the bucks they cut a show from last week. We're talking about now and DEL. Tufo saying never going to happen. You played the zero point zero drop. It's a warmer climate. We are here. We are here we are. You say you won't have to eat it. Nbc later on not today not today. It's not happening. He ain't playing yet. He's got a play by the way but I will say that has played honesty. I'll I'll do some would immediately. Some what could he cut the same swath? Mo- along literally right next to the piece that you're eating that much of this outta his shorts. Your camera please to your. There's no way I'm eating vice that I cut out it's about. It's about a half inch by half Jake. Brockman put in the middle of a peanut butter and Jelly Sandwich Gusting. I want to eat it because the eagles made the playoffs. He said that he would eat hat. And by the way mclovin the fact that you took mccloughan de Beta that led to that mclovin Bait by the way great fantasy team and it's good. It's good took McLaren twitter and said there's no way. The Eagles make the playoffs if they do. All my led hat. They shouldn't have made the playoffs. They were terrible. Eight four four zero four rich number to dial. We'll take your phone calls later on. Can't wait to do it on. Nbc S N Right now though He is known ads. Nfl draft scout on both twitter instagram. And he has the draft expert from bleacher. Report joining us right now here on the rich. Eisen show a day before the NFL draft. He's Matt Miller. How are you matt? I'm Dole well rich. Thanks appreciate it. You got it. So now. How does out is taking Tampa out of the tight? End Market Mess with your mock mock draft in the fourth or fifth round. Okay I have a seven around. That comes up tomorrow and crazy dog so yesterday when the Trade God's leak you know like schefter and everybody's tweeting about I'm panicking like what got traded. Because I'm going to have to Redo something right. Something's GonNa Change in a seven around mock draft two days before the draft so I was so thankful that it was a fourth and a seventh rounder. That's easy okay. I can move things around no big deal if it had been a first rounder Yeah I would be. I'd be very upset right now. I Bet I bet so. Let's let's get to What you think's going to happen tomorrow. It's going to be borough young or do you see any sort of Hail Mary happening. Are you hearing of anything? No not and it's you know it's boring. I know For everyone who does this for a living we would love to have some injuries right now but I. I don't think there is any JOE. Borough has been the number one pick since the bengals earned the right to draft him first overall. And after that I I think Washington. They probably kick the tires on the quarterbacks justicy you know just to see if there's a guy that you like better than what you already have once they acquired tile and to be the backup slash competition at quarterback. I think that ended any talk of two going there or Justin Herbert or any of the other quarterback so it feels like the first two picks tomorrow night might be a little boring for you guys. Well you know what it's it's all good man because these guys are some of the best players in college football that we've seen in the past several years and they had incredible years and now they're gonNA come to the NFL and will will enjoy them when we get a chance to enjoy them So third overall I give you the choice of the Lions picking trading out. What do you think happens? I would pick trading out. I think they're they're trying to generate a market right now and I think a lot of the smokescreens you're going to see leaked over the next forty eight hours. We'll be to that point of you know they're going to try to generate a market so someone comes up for a quarterback. The dolphins have been waiting for this moment for feels like two years to draft their quarterback of the future. They have three first responders this year to second rounders to second to trying to next year they have fourteen picks in the draft. So they WANNA pop up a couple spots from five to three to make sure that they get their guy. It's not because you have to jump the giants. It's just to make sure that you get your guy. No one certainty. I could see that happening and I think the lions are going to be willing to lower that price in order to do this. I don't think it'll be like the the colts and jets trade a couple of years ago. Where the colts move back from three to six so the jets can get Sam Darnold. I think asking price to be significantly lowered that okay so I guess now that we're we're a couple minutes in here. Matt Miller a bleacher report. The intrigue is what we think it is and it's too on the evaluation of tool and And whether the dolphins are putting up a tremendously effective smoke screen. Where the number of mock drafts that? I'm seeing that. Have Justin Herbert going to Miami or Miami going in a different direction of of in Tula It's become a cottage industry..

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