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They were like a boy but i didn't feel like this. Whatever this and i i. I've said this before on the show. It reminds me of The analogy. I always uses a crayon when you while korea box of crayons as a regular due to me. You have this twenty four box of crayons but when you are when i had when estrogen high. I've got like this fucking sixty four box with the pencil. Sharpener on the sides of various color goldenrod. Perry winkle have a more of a ray of emotions that calm. And it's just it's just different so if this is what feeling like a girl feels like river. Real did all ideas. I felt like something else. I don't know that language before not quickly stop myself. Because i just realized i didn't have. The length of worse provide the proper details. I've felt neil. I felt that i was not supposed to have a fee. Nobody i know people get upset when you say terms like that. But i'm just trying to be understood immediately I didn't feel like that. I was supposed to have a female Puberty i didn't see it for myself when i had dreams when i have visions when i had thoughts i had the quote unquote male progression In only thing they interrupted at was menstruating so ages. I don't know how to describe it but also said dot more to spirit. Because i feel spiritually both. I don't necessarily feel that. Because i felt that i was physically male that it meant all of me was solely masculine. I felt like i was supposed to be a balanced person. I just thought my body should have been different. Not just thought. I felt that That's going back to the conversation. About brain mapping. And i guess the closest description is like a missing limb syndrome This film they were things that were there was supposed to be there. But we're not. Like i would literally laugh about it because it's actually hilarious because there was a time i a few times i got up went to you. Get up your groggy and you go to the bad drink.

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