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I'm Bob McClay on Arizona's news station. KTAR news. You've heard the headlines get some perspective now with Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes. Good morning to you. Happy Thursday already. I'm gonna kick the show off the sheriff's posse. Still in the news the lead brought to you by Berge Ford off the US sixty and Mesa drive. All right. Yeah. Bruce, it's still in the news because we've got three era Zona Republicans that are now calling America county. Sheriff Paul Penzone to reinstate this volunteer posse. Now, it was suspended because most of the members were not properly certified now Penzone announced last month at the sheriff's office was temporarily suspending the volunteers after it was found that only four of the policies roughly two hundred forty members completed the entire certification process. I guess we need to go back to. The point that the sheriff's posse. As part of a I'm gonna use the term routine audit audit. Whatever you wanna say inside the MTA found that there were specific qualifications that posse members. Volunteer volunteer when you say posse were supposed to meet in order to wear uniform. And we learn from sheriff pins on the other day they wear uniform this indistinguishable from us sheriff. Deputy they get a badge that is indistinguishable from the one that a wheel deputy wears and they can even carry firearms. So if a guy in a sheriff's. Uniform with a badge and a gun shows up. You would not be out of line thinking that's a sheriff's deputy in front of me. But when you find out that there were criteria. That what was it four out of two hundred and thirty five had met now that may not be their own fault. It's not that's not saying all the two hundred and thirty one. Anyway shape. The procedure had been followed for sheriff. Penzone to say I'm gonna put this thing on hold until we get a better handle on. What is your argument against that? No. We should have more people walking around with guns badges wearing uniforms that we haven't passed avid passed background checks. Like is that your argument? This is weird to me. That's very strange, and that's the point that I think a lot of people have their heads scratching about. So what are these requirements that? These volunteer posse members should have had to pass. But we find out. All but four of them. Didn't we have six requirements to be a member of QA p background? Check a personal history. Interview. A polygraph a psychological exam a urinalysis qualification with the firearm of the two hundred and thirty five members who are currently certified as QA p only four have passed. Okay. I'm not indicting the two hundred and thirty one other by any way, shape or form. Okay. But think about this. Okay. Could you imagine? Something happens. And what are these posse members mistakenly kill someone? And then the media. And then the media goes in like, whoa. What kind of why were they armed what kind of training background? We find out that none of that happened. She in the storm that would brew. So why? So who is pushing? Okay. That's what I understand who is pushing to reinstate the MCAS oh posse program, and what is the motivation to reinstate a program that everyone admits these people not that they can't pass the background checks or qualifications. But that they just haven't state Representative Ben Toma and Frank Carroll as well as state Senator David Livingston. Okay. I think the reason why you have these lawmakers that one it reinstated is because they oversee this area of Sun City west and in some city west you have a lot of posse members FEMA this is starting to. Yeah. And where we're going this this theory that keeps popping its head back up in my mind is that people don't like when power is taken away from them. And this isn't as though the power has forever been taken away from these policy members, it has been temporarily suspended so that they can go through the certification process. And it's my understanding that as people go through the certification process it will then up their chances of being reinstated. Like not media mmediately because they're going to work out the whole posse thing to begin with. But my thought that's just my thought here's a little bit from Ben Toma again. This is state Representative Ben Toma about the reinstating him you right away. Ben policy should be reinstated. As soon as possible. This is a group that the residents rely on for safety. They rely on it for to augment the work at the sheriff's actual sheriff's deputies up there, and they feel safer, and they probably are. Safer when when the policies on the road problem right, there should a community be solely relying on an augmentation. Arm of the sheriff's office for their safety. If are in tears who haven't passed a background check. If that is. In fact, the case that's a problem that community should have proper deputies and proper oversight and not just a volunteer posse. Like if I lived there, which I can't I get it. But if I lived there, I wasn't just want to volunteer force. Like, what why don't we just get a volunteer deputy understand this and we hear some city west and their citizens at Sun City west, and this is a bunch of older people that like pretending to be police officers. They like to dress up. Why cops they like to wear walk around with badges like they get something out of this. And when this program was suspended for lack of background checks lack of security. Checks lack of firearms training, etc. Etc. Etc. They all got ticked off because it can't go round and play cop anymore. Let's just call it. What it is you enjoy being able to grab him flash. A badge for whatever reasons. And now since you might have to pass a background check, which some of them may not pass your ticked off about it. You know, what suck it up buttercup? And you know, what they're probably ticked off about it. And they are ringing the phone Email state legislator show badges to people here's a little bit more tickets for jaywalking. State Representative Ben Toma spoke to somebody this morning that had mentioned that there is now. Now people perhaps racing or drag racing on the street behind our house. And there's no sheriff that was available to come in. And check on that. And she she she would've assumed in. Buyer today. She was she. I thought they would have been cops show up. Yeah. Hello real cops. So we have fake cops show up without background checks are going to stop people from drag racing in your backyard. Follow this logic through seriously. What are the people drag racing have their own badge? You can't remember what? So am I and I'm drag racing. I got my badge. I got a gun. I got a gun. Where's your what is your logic behind this? If there if they don't have to be qualified to be a badge carrying gun carrying member of the posse. Well, then why the heck would you give them any whatsoever? Here's the thing that really kind of gets me about state Representative Ben Toma here. This isn't to me about safety. This is about politics is you've got this community that is putting pressure on their lawmakers and order to reinstate their power. And so this lawmaker is trying to use power. So that they can keep their constituents happy. This is about politics and not necessarily safety. And the other reason why because those about safety wouldn't they be demanding these people that they have actually have deputies out there, or the deputy devan tears are up there past the checks. So in another reason why I say, this is politics and not safety is yesterday. When an Email went out to all the media here in the valley. It was sent to me. And I take a look at it. And I was like oh. Okay. Interesting. What's going on here? And the headline on this Email that was sent by. Oh, goodness. He was sent by. It was sent by the house majority communications down. And the headline on it is district twenty two legislators urge Maricopa County sheriff to reinstate Sun City, west posse. Okay. Interesting. I reach out to the sheriff. Hey, I hear you're getting urged to reinstate posse. Okay. With that like by sharpens, the what was it? The house majority communication. He was unaware that the Elliott even been sent to the media like I'm not in this loop. And I'm like, oh, he's your urging the sheriff so much that he doesn't even know you didn't actually urge the shape. Now. Here's the deal. I mean that was earlier in the morning. I'm sure there was communication possibly after my contact. Or maybe the lawmakers had followed up after they released it to the media I, but again, it's politics. It's not your point is they didn't go to the sheriff. I they went to the media first. And then by the way, we'll get around to tell them sheriff about. Yeah. So apparently, there's a meeting happening this morning a bunch of people that want to dress up as cops. Let's just call it. What it is. I'm gonna call that until they prove me wrong. But but they haven't done anything to earn the ability to dress up as cops four of them here. Four of them have of the two hundred thirty five four of them past all the shelves. So at the very core of this have issued that they even look like deputies. Why can't evolving tear posse walk around with a white polo shirt? That's MCS. Oh, volunteer on it. So that I know they're a volunteer and they're not they're not wearing the tan suit of a deputy. Nothing to earn a badge on it and a gun and a completely indistinguishable from a actual sworn sheriff's deputy. I agree because they want to dress up like cops chime in on this, folks. Okay. Six zero two two hundred two seven three three. I'm all for. Hey, put them in polo shirts. There is a value to the posse. I'm not saying get rid of it entirely. You gotta jump through hoops. And we've got to be able to tell the difference here. Six zero two two hundred two seven three three. We want to hear what you gotta say about that lead. Brought to you by Berge Ford off the US sixty and Mesa drive online at bergeford dot com. So what exactly did Cindy McCain see at sky harbor airport? If it wasn't child trafficking. We're talking about that after Bob McClay. Checks in with our top stories..

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