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W t o p. Com Search Free lunch 11 28 traffic and weather on the eights. Rita Kessler in the traffic Center in Maryland along I 70 eastbound. I 70 near 40 in Frederick. A report of Iraq Definitely seeing a little bit of a delay. If you're coming on to South Bounty seven. From I 70 expect to hit the delays near 85 headed toward route 80. The truck fire cleanup continues. It is a single left lane getting you by North bound 15 Year 40 or Patrick Street. That's a report of some police activity. Now in buoy South bound three after 4 50. There were reports of downed wires in the roadway. So watch for redirection. Inner Bana 80 year Fingerboard Road near Baker Valley Road had been the scene of a wreck involving an overturned vehicle and eastbound Shady Grove Road at the Shady Grove Metro Access Road. The crash. The right side, possibly involving an overturned vehicle. There is a tow truck on the scene in Virginia Westbound 66 the delays still off the outer loop of the Beltway headed toward Nutley Street. The good news is everything out of the roadway there. The crash no longer taking any lanes. After that, it looks good all the way into Centerville and Manassas, the Fairfax County Parkway at Rolling Road Watch for the debris looks like some kind of a grocery spill, seeing fruits and vegetables all over the roadway. So you do need to use caution now in the district Southern Avenue north of Benning Road of Report of a crash. We also had one reported near Naylor Road. Watch for response. Start the year off right with window nation's most popular deal. Put no money down. Make no payments for two full years and get two free windows with every two year by Call. 866 90 Nation Today I'm Rita Kessler, w T o P traffic and a check of the forecast from Lauren Rickets. We're gonna keep some slick spots right into the afternoon and just some patchy rain as temperatures rise above freezing but again, higher.

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