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Win by baseball. A win for Shohei set up the weekend really well or the the Mid Week festivities. If you will, early week festivities and It is amazing that this is happening. It is amazing that we just witnessed last night. One of the contestants of the home run Derby. Go yard, time and time and time and time again and hit multiple 405 100 ft bombs. And then he'll be starting pitching tonight in the All Star Game. It's just insane. Hit me up. Twitter D a on CBS again D A on CBS a lot to get to this morning on the show. I want your reaction to show Hey last night and the home run Derby in general thought it was fun. Peter Alonso was excellent in getting his second home run Derby crown. Alonso's opening round was just devastating. I mean, the dude was crushing it, and it was in a real groove. And so Peter Alonso was to back to back and the belly to belly home run. Derby championships. When we return, we've got your best audio of the day that includes Gregg Popovich. Getting real salty after another team USA loss and People are hot under the collar about Edwin Diaz..

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