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It came out we are deplorable and they came out by the million shirts sold like crazy. Is it just. Happens and now it's happening with Biden because it's a crime family. Franklin. Him accusing other people being a crime family is some rich shit. No he was pausing for them to chant lock her up I see. And did they didn't hear them? They were okay yeah. They didn't have it Mike properly. So and then so you remember Allie vel she he's a reporter for MSNBC. Trump is taken to mocking him because he was covering protests in Minneapolis and got hit with a rubber bullet. Trump calls him not the bravest guy this coming from Corporal Bone Spurs who in the bunker when people were protesting outside the White House. Because you know we have to be asked in the federal government has to be said, and then we did a great job in Minnesota. Minneapolis. I mean I should've told us to go there. We could have early would have been nice. It would have saved a lot of destruction remember the CNN anchor Belsey. He said we are here. They don't want to talk about riots because it's bad for them. You know we are here at a peaceful demonstration and behind him over the entire city is burning down. Flyer. That look like Berlin. On its worst say the whole place was burning down and then he said the military has formed what was A It was a great group of people you saw that the national, Guard And was one, two, three, all of a sudden. They started one line to Liza and they just march forward at tear-gas. Didn't felt she get hit on the knee with teargas and they went there they said he's down felt she didn't even know who to help belts US I just remember. diller shave job at his head. I was thinking about doing it. I was going to go a little but I decided against. I didn't want to go down twenty five points in the balls. BELCI got hit on the name with tear-gas right and he went down And he He was not the bravest guy but this is the worst open mic I've ever been to. Says, he brought up Minnesota and who set fire to that polices. The police precinct turns out it was a right wing active is who set fire to the police precinct, which was the time. So we didn't really cover a whole lot of the of the last debate. On the show a Daniel Dale who is the CNN fact Checker he breaks it down pretty simply. Ridge Dan. Let's start with the big picture on how much the candidates got right or wrong tonight. Wolf President trump was better behaved tonight but he lied more this was just a bombardment of dishonesty much of which for four at his campaign rallies about subjects big and small important stuff like the coronavirus pandemic about Biden's policies.

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