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Conditions but no other details were announced la county health officials whose jurisdiction does not include long beach announced earlier this month thirty six people have died from the flu so far this season compared to thirteen deaths this time last year are powerful seven point nine earthquake hit the gulf of alaska just past midnight about one hundred seventy five miles southeast of kodiak no damage or injuries are reported and caltex seismologist tom heaton in pasadena explains why the quake didn't trigger a so nami since it was a strike slu greg was primarily worries run on motion of the ocean floor the temblor did trigger as tsunami warning for the entire west coast including southern california but it was cancelled a just after four am two 15yearold students a boy and girl were killed and several others wounded at a high school this morning in benton kentucky is shooting their five more people suffered other types of injuries during that incident a 15yearold male student was arrested at the scene and will be charged with murder and attempted murder according to kentucky officials senate minority leader chuck schumer as rescinded is offered to support billions of dollars for president trump's border wall with mexico in exchange for legal protections for the dreamers young immigrants who were brought to the us illegal is children schumer blames president trump for the threeday government shutdown which ended today but the senate majority leader leaders promised to bring immigration to to the senate floor does give him hold the pressure is on leader mcconnell and the moderates particularly the republican moderates the clock is ticking leader mcconnell made a promise not just the democrats but to republicans as well schumer reportedly called the white house yesterday and said the proposal which he put on the table during a friday meeting with president trump was being withdrawn special counsel robert muller's russia investigators have spoken with both attorney general jeff sessions and fired fbi director james me it was revealed today sessions was questioned for several hours last week as part of muller's investigation into russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election and whether president trump obstructed justice by trying to thwart the russia investigation and investigators spoke with call me some time last.

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