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I probably had more fun crossing the line than than anybody. Yep. To be able to control that rate sometime, I couldn't sometimes I just couldn't Gloria grandma or a pond show ever say he might have lost it a little bit at night. Oh, yeah. I you know, that you get mad when they set it like, well, I was right. I was never wrong. You know, I've been criticized for saying that, you know, but, but for me everybody has their own thing to get them to to where they want to go, you know, and like I said when I sat down I'm taking full credit, right and wrong. Yeah. All the good. No the ball. You see is what you get though. Yeah. That's all you have been like that that hasn't changed. No, no. This is who I am. I'm not perfect. Right. Right. And the the end result is like going back. Then you know, there was there was nobody like that. While McEnroe is a bit of a hothead. Yeah. But he came after he came after right? You know there. There's guys that are bad boys. You know, you ever say that to him you ever say, you're copying may. I started this shit. Well, there was there was there was nostalgia and Connors. And then there's wanna be bad, boys. Right. You know, and and in Obita, but if you're going to do it don't apologize for it. You know, go and do it and take the and take full credit, right and wrong and the interests at that created, you know, that's what brought in the hockey fans, you know, in in the basketball fan. That's you know, they they didn't wanna come see guys play in white. You're I told you that they wanted to see guys going at it that you ever throw a punch in a tennis much. No. Did you ever come close me and MAC had some good times? You know, some good you think he's a tough guy. I think he can sure I think he can had if you guys went at it youth would have been a good scrap. I'm glad and never went there. Right. You know? But, but yeah, I think it would have been fun. And I think he I think he thinks the same thing which was which is even better. What was the first moment that when you the first time you played each other. Did it start right? Then I had everything he wanted Almira. She's Irish I was number one in the world. He wanted to be number one in the world. I was number one US he wanted to be number one the US. My my return in my my one game was totally opposite of his. He was a certain volume. So we clashed at everything, you know. And and the first time we play was in the semi finals of Wimbledon. He qualified got to the semi's, and I played I played him in the semi's Bateman four sets. You know, right. Then I knew he was he was my competition. I knew that, you know. And how old were you at this time Seattle was seventy seven. So I had to be twenty six when he was eighteen he was eighteen twenty five twenty six, and he was what was the worst thing he ever called you that really pissed you off? Off on the court. I don't ever say old, man. Even though you're only that's cold out. You're twenty six you're not that old. But no, I Don, it's you we just we just combative. Yeah. We just went at it in. And but that's what made for that rivalry. You know, our rivalry was not soft that that was, you know, the Lakers, and the Celtics, you know, Connors McEnroe, you know, and and now malaise, you know, that they've got great rivalries..

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