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It's morning edition from npr news i'm rachel martin and i'm steve inskeep good morning this is a valuable moment to recall the trump administration's public embrace of separating families at the us mexico border it's valuable to recall it because the policy has come under so much criticism that the administration has begun to deny the policy exists it is however all on the record much of it broadcast on this program as we will discuss with npr's scott detro is in our studio scott good morning morning steve so let's listen who first described this zero tolerance policy of arresting everybody across the border illegally which men in many cases taking children away let's start with attorney general jeff sessions and immigration hard liner here he is speaking on may seventh if you're smuggling chow then we're going to prosecute you and that's how will be separated from you probably as required by law if you don't want your child to be separated then don't bring across the board illegal it so they're very clear although it is clear also that that's not necessarily required by law previous administrations did something different but they're making it clear they're going to separate the children who else has talked about this care or whatever and kelly's word says the administration continued to push this policy they have let's listen to what ryan patrick the us attorney for the southern district of texas was telling you last week here on morning edition we are following the law i mean th there's many people who let's remember also you can follow the law in a different way previous administrations have this is a policy choice well it is a policy choice by the president by the attorney general and that was just on friday policy choice by the president and the attorney general but over the weekend the criticism became so fierce that kirstin nielsen the.

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