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May not agree on everything, Biden, but there's one thing they're both. You're off. Would you rather have more years of Donald Trump? Of course. That's the point. I really bring people together every weekday catch Pat Thurston noon to three and John Rothman 69. They love me. They love me on kgo 8 10. Now back to the Chip Franklin show with Chris Meryl, filling it on radio 8 10. Well, whether it's cove it fires Let Nina riots in the streets. Murder Hornets, Nickelback reunions. You've got a lot to worry about. So after we just talked with our ABC news correspondent, Alex Stone. My question to you is what is your biggest concern in the near term now as we round out one of the toughest years A memory really has been a very difficult year when you take the civil unrest that we saw in the late sixties and we actually saw in the mid 20 tens. Right? 2015 2016. We saw a lot of civil unrest. We have that this year to write a lot of civil unrest. You take Pandemic. The likes of which we haven't seen in 100 years. You take everything else that we're adding to this drought's fires. So many freaking hurricanes were on Hurricane Zeta right now, which is going to make landfall in United States this week, so lot of things going on that, frankly, could give you nightmares as you try to get through. And if you're like me, you wake up every morning and you open your twitter and you just start doomed. Scrolling Oh, more more more. So, Mike, my question to you is 80 88 10. What's your biggest concern? In the near term. What is your biggest concern? 80 88 10 is that number 80 88 10 Start me off in cinema with Fred Fred. Welcome to the program. What's your thoughts from a man? We got it. Captured the murder horns. So what we gotta do now is We gotta breed, um and train them how to help our military in battle. All we have militarized murder Hornets. Yeah. Or at least we got a great place for us. I fight them. I like where you're going with Saifi idea. I feel like there are a lot of different B movies that could come out of this. Yeah, for sure. Are you worried about him? I mean, are you worried about murder Hornets at all? I guess I just kind of look at it is almost a novelty. But you know, I don't live in Blaine Washington, either. Well, I wouldn't say I'm totally not worried about them, but I think there's many things that are more were some right now. Yeah. What's on your mind? As far as things that concern you. Apologies, Cove it and the election. Yeah, I think that's where most of us are. I do think I agree. Yeah. Basement. Yeah, I'm kind of in the same place. I think ofit in the election. I think that's why covert is gonna have the biggest impact on this election, too. Huge impact. Sandra Fallon. Pat joins us bad Thanks for calling Franklin Show It's Chris Marilyn for chip today. Yeah, well, my biggest concern is of and Harris you're going to get like No, come Why does it worry you? Um I think that they're there. What they stand for sounds. Ultimately, it's going to be very far society. And I'm not talking about civil side. I'm on page of them for that. But I think they're Genomic plans are goingto all we're all in this together. Did you see what happened to the market today? That wasn't just did that that that is partially covert. But it's partially what's going on in Washington, D C and I think, Nancy Pelosi. Has done her today She stepped down She's turned into a I'll tell you one thing if you let them get elected if Harris get elected. I think I'm going to ask them. Ask the people who are in charge of the city to have her stop and please the president. More of that. Come on comment. All right. Good deal, Pat. I appreciate it. Thank you very much for the coal. Good to talk to you. Sorry about your concerns there. Ah, because I have to say I felt similar concerns in 2016. And you know, I didn't get my way and, um I have not been a big fan of what's going on the last few years. That's for sure. Robert is in San Francisco. Robert Welcome to the program. Hello? Yeah, we, uh, my rangers. We are walking on a nice edge between going into a depression and you know this Just go business times and I'm not shilling for them, but they have been running some really, really good articles and You know, one recently that was published. The two Hilton Hotel's staff Francisco 750 million. Oh, and debt on those hotels with no With no visitors. Hey, And, you know, interestingly enough, all the concerns of commercial real estate in general, specifically the downtown in big cities, you know, 50 per cent of time. Those air closed. Many of them never opened again. Wow, that's really something. It isthe stinks..

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