Joe Chiro, Cuomo, Congress discussed on Saturday Spotlight


Slow down and job growth. I'm Joe Chiro Fox News. Many businesses they extended unemployment benefits continued by the bite administration are responsible for the much weaker than expected April. Jobs Report. Thanks is Mark MEREDITH has the story. Had a really shocked so many people, and it meant the unemployment rate ticked up ever so slightly to 6.1% unemployed Americans could get an additional $300 on top of state benefits per week. This is because of what they assumed would be this pro long pandemic activity. Now someone to see those benefits pulled back, including the U. S Chamber of Commerce. They put out a statement yesterday and said Disappointing jobs report makes it clear that people paying people not to work is dampening what should be a stronger jobs market. President Biden claims the slow April jobs growth is assigned. Congress needs to pass his $2.3 Trillion American jobs plan. I ransomware attack is temporarily halted delivery through the nation's largest energy pipeline system. Colonial pipelines says The attack happened yesterday. But it did not say with the hackers demanded Missouri Democratic Congressman Emanuel Clean For you're going to find I hope Republicans and Democrats alike outraged at the audacity of a foreign actor trying to disrupt our economy. Our system of Functioning with oil and so forth. Colonial transports nearly half of the East Coast energy needs from the Gulf of Mexico through its pipeline system. The New York State attorney general's office has reportedly expanded its sexual harassment investigation of governor Andrew Cuomo. The Wall Street Journal reports the age he is now investigating whether one of Cuomo's top advisers linked access.

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