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To just kind of pops into mind right now. Cruelest the coolest. The coolest coolest kickoff clueless at that's kind of simple because the coolest to people who would have story about them. That i could tell you don siegel who directed me in directed Escape from alcatraz. He and john huston who directed me directed any but john john huston here the story. Is that what you're asking. Yeah yeah well okay. This is the coolest oria then ever happen. And i've had some so i audition which is a whole little trip about anne. I'm auditioning for the dog catch. I was a dog catcher. And by the way the coolest moment of my life was years later. After i had done anne i went to And mugabe come out and gone out fees years later. They're forgotten thing is a two years later and i go to a friend's and they have a little girl little girl who's five years old now. I just knew the mom. So i come into the house and go. Oh how you doing gloria. You know how you doing. Haven't seen a long time. Had how are ya and this little five year old girl comes running. And she says it's the dogcatcher. It's the dog patch. Oh that is awesome. And i said oh my god. She's seen. The movies is seen the movie among says seen movies. She's got the book. And i and the girl goes and runs and gets the little. They do any movie book for little girls. Okay you know. And she opens up the page. And there's a picture of me all mug catch and another day. They take in stills from the movie ed road a the story of the movie and made it into a a bedtime storybook. Aw children and there. She had a picture of means he shows year. Your is an well. Wow thank you. Know larry issues. No you're the catcher back moment. I'll never forget that saw give an actor can have absolutely come. You're the duck. But john huston. That story is He was for me. When i addition i audition or all. The audition is easy sits in a chair watching his tv movies. Video of the monitor village religious call where the director sits and watches the camera. Okay but he's watching his russia's and then and you have brought in by the casting director and he just you know he'll just switch focus so just turn in his director's chair and ceo. Hi larry and he knows your name. Hi larry okay. Yeah you know it's dog catch you know you cut your hair off. Because i had long hair was no I was hippie. Cut your hair. He's very nice man. And as i'm coming in you know it'd be to me. She steering me. She gets behind me but puts her hand on my show list steering me right in front of him directly perfectly and he goes like not even. I'm not even there. He's just talking to her to what are you doing. He's like bother you. what are you doing. What are you doing and she said. Oh emplacing the actor from you so you see him he says. Please don't touch my aunt and wyoming guy sticking up for young number and so she backs off you know hands come off. My shoulder taught and then he goes. Okay larry you know you have to cut your hair. Yeah no use dogcatcher here. Okay thank you very much. Thank you and Oh so she goes behind me and ahead long hair. that's why he's saying. Get your hair cut. She goes behind me as he says. You know have to get a haircut. She goes behind me. She takes my hair was like really long and she pulls it up and he goes now what you know you doing. He says her name. Now what are you doing and she says. Well i'm pulling his hair up so you can see him without Because yes to get a haircut. And i want you to see him. You know to help you visualize of any interruption. He says i am a director. I have an imagination. Please don't touch my actors. And i'm thinking this guy is amazing and i've never been stuck up for right protected this way. Nobody's ever great and hit me. And then she drops it and she's a station know what to do. She's a standing next to me and he goes understand that you have to cut your hair up and go. Yeah you're willing to do that. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah i mean. I just wanted to work for this guy. And and he goes. Okay thank you very much larry. It's needed an thank you and he. He's back as watching tv and he's about to touch me. Come this way. Whoa out okay. That's okay. I get to the movie now. I'm hired. I get the job. I go to now. There's a rule and that i've learned. Is it just me. You learn these little things. will you show up. there's an a. d. and assistant director and his job is generally a young kid. It's about like anywhere from eighteen to twenty seven and as usually one or two of then they just and what they do is they sign you in and they show you dressing so when you show up. Find the ad. Find an doesn't matter. They have to see chris. Where's the zoe okay. Hey i'm larry. I'm doug catch it and he goes okay. Let me show you dressing. When i say stop and this is what i learnt. I say Is my is my costume in the dressing room. And they know they know they will know so in this instance he said no. It's not now. I know. I've learned that your customers in your dressing room. It's a fait accompli. That's what you gotta wear. No no talk. That's it but if you're costume isn't in the dressing room. It hasn't been prepared yet. It's in the costume department and you can have a say about what to wear nice he. Yes oh i he said no. It's not in there okay. Then i don't want to go to the dressing room. Show me the costume department. Cbs's over there. It takes to custom department. I walk in. There's a person who's in charge. And i say hey i'm larry i'm the dogcatcher whereas my costume where my cousin. She's always on the rack over there. We haven't sorted it out yet. I say great. Can i go over and look at it. Navy chew some. Oh yeah sure so go over there. I'm going through this ritz iraq in it. She says different things. Dogcatcher would wear in nineteen thirty two ago in. I'm going oh sudden voice behind. He says what are you doing i said. Oh and it's got obviously a costume guy..

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