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All right. Any final guesses? It's definitely paper, but I'm not sure which kind. What kind of paper might sound like just think about the kinds of paper in your life? It sounds like copy people put to paper, excellent guests. Well, here is the answer that was a sound of pages being turned in a newspaper. My name's Christine hot, and I'm the managing production editor at the Minnesota daily. Which is the university of Minnesota's student run paper to ask you Katie. Do you actually read physical newspaper? Do you read it online? I read it online. You're probably not super familiar with newspaper sound then? Yeah, that newspaper paper is a very specific kind of paper and it does make a very loud sound when you turn the pages. Yep. Pretty loud. Christine's job is to decide the layout of the newspaper. So like which article goes on which page and what picture goes, where and then we usually rank the stories like what's like, what would you be in the front? What should be in the back because the front and back the pages that people tend to look at and then from there, like how we designed it to make it appealing is we put really big pictures, his pictures draw the eye, and we also put more important things toward the top. Christine thinks of all the right in the world, journalism is the most important when it's done. Well, it helps people understand their world and make smart decisions. People really go into journalism because of a passion, tell the truth and to give people the correct information and like make change and understand what's going on. In our next episode, we're diving deep into the world of newspapers and journalism, how journalists go about finding facts and how do they do their jobs? I can see the headline now, scrappy little podcast blows the lid off the world of news. Exactly. Is not just one way to do science, but as a quote to the work that the scientists do, they gather evidence to test ideas in a way that is replicable, precise and objective scientists, constantly testing what we already know to find new knowledge. And sometimes this means old ways of thinking are replaced with new ones that did for this episode of brains on wins on is produced by Molly bloom Sanchez and Sandon totted. We had production help today from Nedley prof striker, and Emily, bright and nearing health from Veronica Rodriguez Anthony craven, and Eric, Trump's.

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