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I listened to the black guy who tips. Podcast because rod and kevin. Hey welcome to another episode of the blackout podcast. I'm host right. Joined us marco. We're live on a wednesday. Walking dead wins day the data we recap the walk into bed. And don't forget the fisherwoman so is take an unofficial sport at bullard ball extrema. We got a live show coming up. September twenty third at the blumenthal center for performing arts in charlotte north carolina. A you can be there in attendance. In person. wearing a mask because it's mandated More you can do it. Virtually and we're still selling tickets. You can get virtual tickets and watch us online from the safety of your home or wherever you're at and socially distance and all that stuff the link is in the show notes whereas live tickets. Copy one copy to get and you know in the league. Hopping zoom enjoy yourself. We're appreciate everybody takes time out to do that. and Yeah so make sure you do that. Let's get into the recap the walking dead. This season the final season. So he's an eleven. This is episode two now. Technically we could watch episode a week early if you get like. Amc pluses. But i'm not going to do that. I'm watching it like the way. I've been watching the whole time on tv in being. Dm yeah. i liked her tradition. Yes this a tradition. I until it you know so. That's how we plan to watch it. This is on part to An up and it makes sense. Because i said last time like if feels light this is typically something where they would have done a two hour premiere impasse. Eason's this feels like that to me. Yes we're like we didn't have one long. Episodes should have been part one dishes. Been part of like a two and a half hour from here because the way ends on this cliffhanger like oh my god that's what you open the season with but Yeah we'll get into a camp before we start though. Would you think about this episode of general. I liked it a lot. These gorgeous and like i said i don't know where it can and what kind of Shop they use it but district is like critically ill yet definitely looks great. Actually loved this episode. So as a book into last week's episode cliffhanger. Finale was just lie. All shit like i was super hyped. And then we got some tremendous acting performances in this to specifically from Things names josh mcdermott. But the guy who plays eugene. Oh my guy toward force he. This was the one of his best episodes ever. What a what an amazing amazing actor to have gotten a play eugene. I don't think anyone else could have done him. The justice dan. He bought that book that comic book character to life. Yes like never before. It's like if you was to actually take that comic book character. I actually was like that will be the person to play that role. Yes so let's go ahead and get into the.

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