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Discovery is being hailed as a breakthrough beyond the promising results the findings are notable because dexamethasone is already widely available and for that matter and expensive Kevin Corke fox news chairman Jerome Powell telling a congressional committee hearing yesterday a full economic recovery won't happen until Americans are convinced the corona virus is no longer a threat several members of Congress reportedly access to payroll protection loans under the legislation the past several weeks ago politico reports how bipartisan group of lawmakers took out loans under the payroll protection program designed by Congress to keep small companies flow during the pandemic Republican house members Roger Williams of Texas and Vicky Hartzler of Missouri as well as Democrat Susie Lee of Nevada and Debbie what carousel pal of Florida all who own or have ties to businesses that got loans through the federal program each say they got their lone properly however congressional aides are saying more lawmakers got help through the program but that information is being withheld by the treasury department in Washington chill NATO fox news would Gucci eras avoided a lethal injection in Texas last night the Supreme Court holding his execution to consider whether the state's refusal to have a spiritual adviser in the death chamber violates his religious rights but Jack Callahan this is fox news investment real estate a tender complimentary educational workshop visit money talk radio dot com I'm doctor Sonya angel director of the California department of public health and state public health officer in the fight against Kobe nineteen free confidential testing is key to protecting yourself and the health of those around you why if you test positive you have access to medical treatment regardless of.

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