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There's Jacob Wilkins. Hey Monique, and it is game to the CS between the dodgers and brewers. And right now, they are at the end of seven in Milwaukee in the brewers ahead. Three two two brewers had a three nothing lead. LA had to in the top of the seven ten. We'll see if they can hold it Milwaukee one last night. So they're trying to take the to nothing lead in the best of seven series and coming up tonight game one of the the Astros facing the Red Sox and Boston Boston coming off beating the Yankees in the division series and Chris sale to the mound. Just Berlinger takes the hill for Houston. And in college football locally Rutgers falling to Maryland, thirty four seven at college park, Columbia losing thirteen to ten. It was army all over San Jose State fifty two three four routes Lehigh forty-three fourteen Monmouth over Bucknell thirty six nine hundred number three Ohio State beat Minnesota thirty two fourteen in Columbus. Number five. Notre Dame holding off pit nineteen fourteen. In south bend right now. It is number two Georgia trailing number thirteen. LSU in Baton Rouge twenty six nine seven fifty to go in the fourth and it's number eight Penn State just holding onto a seventeen fourteen lead in Happy Valley against Michigan state. That's with seven twenty nine to go in the fourth quarter as well. And tonight number fifteen Wisconsin at number twelve Michigan in Ann Arbor NHL Rangers fall to the Oilers. She wanted to garden blueshirts fall to one in four Connor mcdavid the go ahead goal in the third. Islanders in national fishing, the predators. Dill drop the puck at eight and Packers hall of fame fullback, Jim Taylor. Passing away this morning at the age of eighty three sports at fifteen and forty five around the clock. Jacob Wilkinson win sports. Yeah. We sorta stopped paying attention and racked up a lot of day. Yeah. It was stressful. He blamed me for my credit card debt, and I blamed him for building that man cave. It's awesome. Anyway, we stop blame each other.

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