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All right to glenn morning glen summers i haven't heard from yet a few days been alright oh have your out of a cold you've got a clue so i've been trying to give it a little risk if i can shake it all over the world who goofed up it happened it happened in england and manchester you know all too much younger i that i went to scott will and the united states just hugo although bill low took your luggage and put it all the claim look at any fail all you you just walked on the plane and you got but what i got off the plane scott will all those little unsure come over the golan kill them if you have any type of stuff all new all beef every show chip you can't take them all because we're going to look inside the camp oh do saw all in all i walked off on a plane and they directed me they have a direct people getting off the play well the people who were going to your own only lord luggage and what me to to punish me aw it will also was he stepped on their shoulders and and they had another went through knowledge will quickly he did he popped open my camera look camera inside everyone of you do it put everything back together put it back at camaboker we asked it back to me hey all my way and remember the british were involved with the irish republic it can already and they've been fighting for years any state which is something we read about it never came peter england it was a very real fay so keep shaw hit foty bomb on his habit fake or whatever happened to their ability to fight terror they did it pretty pretty for over two decades before the absolutely crushed here republican army and it seemed like they forgotten how what needs to be done oh to do it in the reason for that and we have the same problem here it most because of how to fight a war on the terms has been dealt to us we want to meaning gentlemen ladies should fight.

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