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Two time Finals MVP, as he's been hurt, he's an all time great player. And I think jokic is just a notch below. You'd rather have jokic as your number two. I don't even like playing the one, two, three game of NBA because it is such an such a team sport. But I just think he's got such a unique set of skills that it's almost too unique. It's not complimentary in a way, and that you have to run through him. It's like with mellow. You had there's so, so incredible at what they do and how they do it. They can't necessarily play another way. So who is the perfect running mate for Joker that would get them over the top in your mind? Is it someone like dame who also has a very unique skill set that they need to be paired together to have a shot? Do they even come out of the west if somehow dame and Joker played on the same team? Oh, I would like a combo guard who's better than Jamal Murray. I know Jamal Murray is really good, but let's give me like I also haven't seen Jamal Murray play in two years. Availability. Schizophrenia. And are you expecting him to come back better off the injury? I hope he does. I'm sure he's going to have a great career, but he has never been an all star. There's a notch below. There's levels to this. Like we're talking about, Damian Lillard is an upgrade from Jamal Murray. If you go through the NBA on the heat, who would you rather have in jokic? Would you rather have Jimmy Butler on your team or would you rather have yoga? Daniel kitchen? I'd rather have, I'd rather have Jimmy Butler on my team. I'd rather have a Joker, to be honest with you. I guess it depends on how my team is made up, but if we're trying to win a test this year, who do you want on your team, you want Jimmy Butler, you want jokic. Jimmy beller. You want your boy Tatum or you want yo kitch? Oh man, good one. Well, Tatum was there. I'll take Tatum. You want Giannis? Or you want yogurt? I want Yanis over everyone. You want embiid or jokic? TJ, I know you love embiid. I mean, for me, I can't really answer that question, because I'm obviously going to take this extra span out of the conversation. In Brooklyn, you want Katie, or you want jokic. Kevin Durant. She's so far in the E 7 name like 6, 7 guys. And I'm taking all the east guys even though joker's MVP. Aside from butler, I think you're not going to get much pushback obviously with you on this. Some people would take Joker over and be a lot of people would take them over Tatum. He's a once in a generation. Luca would rather have Luca. I'm not sure they have Lucca. At this stage in his career, maybe two years ago, I'd rather have Paul George. I don't know, I think Paul George, I love Paul George. But I think I'd rather have you okay. Devin Booker, I think I'd rather have Devin Booker. Interesting. So the MVP is what? The 15th best player you'd want on your team is kind of weird. It's very weird. That's what I'm saying. That's what's weird about it, guys. And it's all love, like I said, the man is incredible, a unique set of skills. Let's call him the Liam Neeson of the NBA, right? He's taken. He's got such a unique set of skills. However, I think they're so unique that there's a limitation to them. I don't think that he can take the nuggets over the top as the best player on a championship team. Wow. You're going to get pushed back on that. Push back on it. People are going to tell you he was good enough to be the MVP of the league, but he can't be the MVP of a championship team. So we see it happen all the time. It's happened a lot in NBA history. Well, we saw there was an argument. Westbrook won the MVP and lost in the first round, but in 5 games. Exactly. And that was one of the way the argument this year, though, that our friend mclovin was having because he's a sixers fan as well. A lot of people in thought and B should have been MVP. And he was saying, look, so the MVP of the league can't get out of the first round. What does that say? Should he have won the award? What do you guys think about that? I mean, it is a regular season award, and what he did in the regular season was amazing. He did not have his two best teammates as we talked about yesterday. Absolutely. No, I mean, injuries have defined the NBA postseason historically. There have always been moments throughout time where key injuries have caused the doors of fate to open in a different direction, if you will. Absolutely. Not just NBA, but and it's been unfortunate for jokic so last two seasons to have guys down at key times in the year. All right, does that mean, I don't know, what do you want to say? He has guys injured. Everyone has guys injured. When the warriors lost the finals to the raptors, these Kawhi Leonard, not a champion because KD and clay were out. No, you knock Steph for that? No, it's just part of the game. And honestly, Michael Porter junior is a solid player, but Yanis didn't have Chris Middleton, a made guy in the league. Michael Porter junior is not a made guy on any level in the league. That's true. Right? Chris Middleton is, he's an Olympian. He's an all star. Giannis goes out there and hustle play off series and takes his team deep and I don't know, I'm a big fan of so many of these guys and I understand why Denver fans love their jokic. He's their guy, but I'm telling you it's fools gold. I'm telling you, I'm telling you it's not gonna work out. We'll see. All right, lots to get into this week on the show, but today it's gonna be a big golf show, 'cause we got Halley ledbetter and Chris Solomon. He's from no laying up, which is a great podcast. I love the no laying up brand. We've got Steve weissman, I'm gonna break down all the stuff that happened out at Wimbledon. And then we got Dee Dee Richards from the W from the New York liberty checking in at 11 o'clock here on the West Coast. So big show Ben lines in for rich. This is the rich eisen show. Every golf equipment company claims to be longer off the tee, right? But Callaway, they've got the new rogue

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