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On ten wins news time 542 a terrifying crash for an amtrak train full of passengers correspondent mark rambler tells us that happened around 245 this morning sgr derek pedal way describing the bowman amtrak ninety one collided with a csx freight train in lexington county south carolina um uh but after that i may it was i mean everybody was just in shock from authorities see two people were killed the train departed new york's penn station and was on it's way to miami when the collision occurred the ntsb is sending a team of investigators to the crash site that if you don't count have been identified as amtrak employees fifty four year old engineer mark camp of georgia and train conductor 36yearold michael saleh florida of the one hundred plus injuries the majority are minor one person does have critical injuries authorities say the amtrak train somehow ended up on the wrong track and slammed into the part c s x freight train ntsb chairman robert some says they'll be looking at the switch that may have put the amtrak train the wrong way four one over reason switch laws the railroad industry wind and law which basically means it was eight lined aligned for the train's coming down this way to be diverted into the saudi makah penn station amtrak riders like joanne say it's sad news but they still feel pretty say i travel all over the world i just do it i think it can't worry about the possibility that's happening is very remote i think i mean doesn't happen every day happens very very infrequently his was a third and deadly crash involving amtrak in less than two months wins news time 544 i was just.

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