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In that regard, the chat based pop production is, you know. Plans nicely. The only complaint that I have housi- relies too heavily audit tune on many of the tracks of her songs when you get a chance to hear just her seeing like on sorry or bad love she shines. She's great. Her voice is filled with emotional sincerity and paying good. Use that instead of all of the auto tune Oslo to here. Her do a song to that is a little bit more Ganic with like the production. So the tram base. Production formula is huge right now, and it's everything commercially speaking, and it works and some things and it doesn't others, but nothing's ever gonna be a good. Earthy organic, like live production feel whether that's in hip hop rock and roll, pop soul country blues, jazz, punk funk. I mean, when you can get people playing and it feels free and open. It's good. It moves this is so don't get me wrong. She's, I mean. This album is unique because it's this pop album. This just tragic Romeo and Juliet story. I get why she did it, hey, she calls a hopeless kingdom. So she's, you know what time it is. This is not gonna be a joyful ride, but be a stimulating ride. And I get that from her. Yeah, Romeo and Juliet is like my least favorite Shakespeare story. It's so popular. And I think it's just so over rated. Man that I mean, I get the whole from rival families in your love. But by the time you get to the climax story, I was like really seriously, but no, she did her the theme for that worked here. She blended that will give credit for that. She did, but like I said, there's too much the tune on too many songs hair. She doesn't need it. So sorry and Batalova great example of just singing without all that, and it works. So my favorite tracks on this. Oh, so on a scale of one to ten, I get us out a six and a half. My favorite tracks on his album. Either prologue is closed. That's an interesting trap because on that track, she's talking about how she's with somebody new, but which is she's thinking about her ex that's not healthy. Like I said, the album's problematic, but the song was intriguing because I never heard by seeing about that. So I couldn't stop listening. So it was good. So you so the favorite tracks, like I said, the prologue is closed alone. Sorry, walls could talk bad at love and strangers featuring Lauren. Jack jaregui from saying name, excuse me, if I'm not. So yeah, houses forbidden, excuse me at Haase's hopeless fountain kingdom. So that's the, you You know. know. So I look forward to seeing what she does next. But yeah, my only thing with her, I don't need you. Oughta tune that is need that voice that beautiful soulful. Tragic, emotional. Fearless voice all the above less auditing. Let's tune Dow's might complain on kind yays. Eight. Oh, wait, heartbreak. He didn't need the vocal effect. Just do it without it, but I guess so good people are the planet earth and the known universe. You've been listening to goad state media concepts, music podcast issue, captain Keith. Thank you so much for listening. I appreciate you hope you had no idea to so good to be back to my little break. I'm here and so upcoming..

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