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Engineering professor at Columbia University, says installing air source heat pumps could help they circulate warm air in and out of your home. But It isn't a quick fix. It will just start of it worth infrastructure we eventually want, he says. That has to happen while making electricity, renewable. Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is considering using federal money to create a relief fund for undocumented immigrants who lost income due to the pandemic. WN Y sees Carinae reports advocates say the administration has floated using about $40 million for direct cash payments to undocumented workers who don't qualify for federal aid or unemployment benefits. But divided among the nearly half a million undocumented immigrants who called the Garden state home. That's about enough to cover a phone bill, New Jersey Immigrant Alliance for Justice Campaign strategists got the assassin called The proposal insulting, fully reflect a lot of political will on the part of the governor's office. Undocumented workers make up about 6.5% of the state's workforce in New York, where they're about 5% of the Labor Force. Lawmakers reached a deal earlier this month to create a $2.1 billion fund. New York City's first East scooters sharing program, a launch in the East Bronx this summer. The city is testing the program before allowing the standing scooters to operate in the rest of the city. W N. Y. C. Stephen Nessen reports. Three companies will drop up to 3000 scooters in the neighborhoods of East Chester, Coop City and Morris Park. The scooters are unlocked with an APP for safety users will only be allowed to travel 10 MPH during their 1st 30 minutes. Then they can go up to 15 MPH users will pay a dollar to unlock each scooter and about 39 cents a minute to ride. The city plans to build more bike lanes in the area where the scooters are located. Next year, the number of scooters in the Bronx made double but the rest of the city will have to wait until the Department of Transportation reviews how the pilot went. 52 mostly cloudy today 47 Now and cloudy on Michael Hill in the W N Y C newsroom. In the next radio lab party. Million infected people is a faith and nobody act as it is when your government seems indifferent to your pain and suffering. What's the right way to protest can process actually hurt? The movement that you're protesting for? The goal is to say.

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