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Brand new reporting tonight on Trump fixer. Michael Cohen and the vast amount of money. He charged in consulting fees since the election. In addition to the one point, two million dollars. He got from Novartis the six hundred thousand from eighteen t half a million from the Russian older connected investment firm, Columbus, Nova and the hundred and fifty grand from a South Korean aerospace company. Michael Kohn apparently get this negotiated ten million dollar deal just before his office was raided by the feds this year to help a real estate mogul get public money to build some nuclear power plants Wall Street Journal, break news night that Franklin Haney who donated by the way, a million dollars Trump's inauguration committee just because has club membership mar-a-lago because he likes playing there, it guess, and reportedly boasted about his dinners with President Trump last year. Also, according to the Wall Street Journal, agreed to pay ten million to the president's then personal Turney, Michael Cohen. If he successfully helped tain fund. For nuclear power project, including is my favorite part of five billion dollar loan from the US government according to people familiar with the matter joining me now is one of Wall Street Journal reporters who broke that story tonight. Michael Rothfield. Wow. There's a lot going on here. One thing that strikes me is this is to meet. I knew all the gigs of like the Michael Kohn influence side gigs, but I guess we didn't know. No, we didn't know all of them, and there may yet be more one that we we had reported before that Cohen had arranged a meeting for Haney with the Qataris to try to get an investment for this nuclear power plant. He's trying to open in Alabama, but we didn't know exactly the terms of the agreement. So today we reported that as you said, he Cohen was promised ten million dollars if he could help get funding for this power plant, including this five billion dollar loan, and just, you know, astounding number both on both counts from the department of energy. So there's a few things here that are striking, and I should take time to read what I think is kind of a non denial denial from Hanes attorney as neither Mr. Haney nor nuclear development LLC ever entered into a contract, Michael owners affiliate for lobbying services. Related to the Belafonte project. The project we should note that that's a specific technical meaning, right? You got to register to be lobby, right? You could enter into consulting contract, right? And that's most likely what this contract says, consulting or strategic advice except that we have reported that federal prosecutors in New York are looking at whether Michael Cohen engaged in a legal lobbying. They've contacted some of his other consulting clients such as AT and Novartis to talk to them about the deals they had with Cohen, and we reported today that Cohen in fact, had called the energy department. Several people there to ask about this nuclear power project and to see if it could the process could be speeded up. So do that. Well, I'm not a prosecutor, but that is can't do that. You could look. There's a whole universe of people in Washington who consult and don't lot, but there's certain lines to get away with a consultant alive. He's calling the energy department puts you in a tough spot when you have to explain that behavior. That could be a problem. Actually, there's wrong that it's a crazy amount of money. It's a lot of money, ten million dollars..

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