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Was there? Anybody better Charles. I mean was there anybody better than they met Rachel house once and it was we did a beach boys concert out in Hawaii Paul Shaffer. Was there man I for off SNL, right? And I remember we were in Hawaii Ray was there. We all kind of gathered around brother Ray as he held court. Remember being backstage in watching him. You know, a blind like that'd be led down to the stage. And then just just to have the soul that that man. Had rest in peace. Ray charles. Thank you. That's awesome, seven minutes after six o'clock. Good morning. How are you this morning and Mary Christmas and happy holidays is December nineteenth already going into Christmas is coming around the corner and finished up so much. I finished. I I can't believe what I do. But I did. And I think we're okay. I think I'm okay, I keep thinking that Joe patchy in lethal weapon. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. I got I think I got it. I'm not sure, but I did want to visit some vital news items that break, and you watch and you go what the heck is going on. I am your translator Darth Vader. I knew judge data. So you keep I can't believe I'm watching what happened with Michael Flynn, yitzi. I can't believe so you, and I have to figure out what that was and meeting the story here. What a federal judge is delay sentencing for former national security adviser, Michael Flynn. Judge Emmet Sullivan accepted a recommendation for a delay from government lawyers defense attorneys general Flynn is thought to be cooperating in the ongoing Russia investigation. I swear to goodness they still staying with this Flint pleaded guilty to like the FBI that context with a top Russian official. You know, the whole story. Judge Sullivan called it very serious events and said sentencing will be revisited in ninety days, and before the delay was ordered Flynn said he was aware that he was lying to the FBI. And that was a crying President Trump suggested that Flynn was duped into like, so then then this guy, then this judge like goes off the rails. He goes off the rails. And everybody said, and I have to say, and I noticed that people. You get upset if someone tells it tells you exactly what's happening in a court of law, and it may seem anti Donald Trump. But it's really not. It's exactly the way the law is and we met you, and I may not like the year. But it's it's the way it is this guy. This guy went off the rails. And this was prejudging the politics predicted something like this would happen. This is a federal judge Tuesday delayed sentencing once again defense Astra sentencing. Yeah. So apparently goes in and he's all over the place is the judges the judges. And he says, oh, he's says treason you've committed treason, he seems to three star general. He's a judge. And he's he's he's costing general Flynn. And we didn't see this is what we heard they don't allow cameras in the courtroom there. And they said you could be treated any calls. It back. Apologizes for about this guy does not sound mentally fit. So here's what I'm thinking is going to translate this. And I need you to help me break. Arthur Dow's on this morning, and he'll break it. Now is this a ploy because we thought he was gonna get no set no jail time. General flynn. Thank you know. The judge did a complete turnaround. It sounded emotionally unstable from what with the reports that we heard this judge sound like was not emotionally stable. Clearly, you trees in your what you did you sold out your country. He misstated facts about that the general Flynn representing Turkey while he worked for the president mistake, then he calls. He calls things back in the apologize. This sounds like a nutjob or is it a game? That's judges playing that he will let Flynn off. But he just didn't want it to appear like he was gonna just let Flynn off. And and now we go back and revisit this. And if you're gonna you're going to go along with the FBI investigation, then you go back and you go along with the FBI investigation would revisit your sentencing. At another time is that a ploy. And Arthur Dalla aren't they've been great and right on the money and predicting a lot of these things including about Bob Menendez when the Senator Menendez everybody thought, oh, he's going to jail and Dow had not so fast. And that's exactly what happened. So you don't wanna miss Arthur coming up in the nine o'clock hour and exactly what that was that judge playing a game. Or is he really just plain whacked out nuts. I am. So sick of you having our laws deciphered by judges. We were whether it's the supreme court or US district a district. Judge federal judge who what what what what you? Why can't we just make our laws abide by laws, and that's it? The judges always have to decipher and interpret their own take on the laws, and it's very very frustrating to see and what really hurts. I I don't see any collusion. I don't see what general Flynn did. I don't see anything. He lied. He was forced looked like he was trapped into line. The guy's a three star general. And if you heard congressman Peter King, he was on Fox News after he was on our show jumped on I believe with Harris Faulkner and visit you know, general Flynn help shut down ISIS. He saw what was going on. He knew exactly move militarily. How to shut this. This this devastating you criminal organization down an ISIS, and he helped can we can you give the general Andy credo, then you judge you because you did good law school? Now, you're gonna be a judge because it was a political appointment now you're gonna tell us three-star general what to do I take offense to that eight seven seven nine seven twenty nine ninety nine more than welcome to join. And let us know what you think and because you will translate it as well. And then we'll legally break it down written, Mr. dollar, actress and director penny Marshall died, that's. So said age of seventy five had no idea, she was sake seventy five these days way too young. She smokes a spokeswoman for Marshall's family says she passed away peacefully in Hollywood hills home Monday night due to complications from diabetes. Your best Laverne, Shirley. Now. Remember this range from seventy six to eighty three and I was mostly working in clubs every single night back then never saw. Never fan. But, but this woman was one of the great directors of our time paying Marshall. I mean, she directed big with Tom Hanks. I mean, you have to save more than that. I don't know that I was even aware that she drifted big, you know, and she directed other films. That were just like she directed awakenings with Robert deniro and Robin Williams. Remember that brilliant film? Penny Marshall directed that. I mean, it was just unbelievable, you know, league of a league of their own, you know, about the women's baseball with Tom Hanks. So just fantastic. So we say rest in peace penny Marshall, she -ccomplish so much and really broke the barrier for women a directing in Hollywood. And just always always said so a lot of a lot to get into this may Razi Razi at the now, the Donald Trump foundation is going to dissolve in New York and reading here. The Trump foundation will dissolve in a deal with New York's attorney general general Barbara Underwood alleged shocking pattern of illegality by the charitable foundation. She said the pattern was willful and repeated undo it also accused the foundation of coordinating legally with Trump's two thousand sixteen with Donald Trump's two thousand sixteen presidential campaign. When are they going to get off of this, Trump derangement syndrome? They're going after everything I need everything. And you know, what it worries me? About their mental state. Now, I'm worried about Barbara Underwood's mental state in New York states, all they have nothing. They can't even get their housing authority together in the state in the city of New York. And so Ben Carson comes in. Ben Carson comes in angel Cuomo yesterday, the the governor to see how we could save those poor folks in Niger who do not have eat, and they have cockroaches and the living a is just horrendous who do they call they call the Trump administration and bake Carson comes in. Now, it's up to the HUD secretary Ben Carson to decide whether the government is going to take over night you because mega Blasios, and because governor Cuomo cannot Ronnie properly this is inexcusable can we say thank you to the Trump administration. What do you do what do they do? How do they say? Thank you. Well, now, we're going to shut down the Trump foundation, and how many millions of people do you think Trump foundation has actually out the? I mean, really it just shows. I tell you it shows that you know, the progressive social star. They just can't they don't know how to govern me, and they don't wanna do a business owner running. Then they when they run to the guy that they're trying to destroy is. It is time just to stop the fight. Stop. The hate goodness gracious. Do it for the government shutdown. I don't think the government's gonna shut the hopefully, we'll work all that out together. But goodness gracious. Hey, the good, and we'll get into all this. The good news is the Holland tunnel. It's switched the our buddy Corey windows back but made this happen. This is a great fun story. A shout out to the port authority shout out to Kevin tool who had supported thirty. This was great. They moved. They moved the tree petition. They didn't like the tree over the end. Whatever it was they put they put it over the the AM, and it will end they did it, and we'll post the picture and get you know, what you need. I need more stories like this. I don't know about you. I need more stories like this. Are you kidding me? Oh, also the first step back. This is a national story. I step back. This is criminal Justice reform that under the Trump administration that Cory Booker tweet out. More of this. God speak. Can we give the president credit? Now. Can you believe it's a Republican president that puts together this criminal Justice reform? That's huge. Ben Carson coming in trying to help out Niger. This is huge. This is this is the administration working can we can we sent you? Wait, the positive is so frustrating when they see people during syndrome. So there was the Christmas party. Why don't even know how he did what he did? But he did it. And I know you do the same thing. It's why I tell you, man. I mean, we went it was like, we we we did the show. Of course, we great time. And then they I said, well, I gotta get gotta get my key one more president. I just need a thirteen midtown. Right. So I've made up to midtown drive. I'm gonna guys in New York, Jack because I can't wait for congestion pricing because I want to come downtown to Manhattan, I wanna work I'm gonna pay New York state taxes. I'm wanna pay New York City taxes, I wanna pay a hotel occupancy tax as many tags. I can then I wanna go to midtown. And I wanna I wanna give more business to midtown a business in New York, New York, right? And then I wanna come back downtown. And now I want to be able to pay a congestion pricing tax break because I came back down to police the police too seriously because I promise you be listening outside the area. This is what New York is considering congestion congestion pricing. How more can we? Tax the people I come back now. And then I drive back down. Then we ever Christmas party great part. Now, I gotta get out of there. I I'm on the clock. And I got to see my daughter at her Christmas recital that's down in Monmouth county right in jersey. So not a boss leaves the edict to me he goes, oh, you're not going to be at the ports just drop by old. Oh, and that means no. You're not just dropping by you gonna stay around a little bit, right? What are you what job by? So I go every week came in. Thank god. Everybody came early early early early parked my car right outside the restaurant. Thank you, fill the car with gas Norton pointed toward Mexico. I was ready to go down. And I am we met every. Hi, everybody was really great. Then I'm looking at my clock. I gotta get here. Hey, boss. I gotta get outta here. You will stay at your biggest speech, you know, mom clock. And I gotta get out of the Holland tunnel. So I I make the speech is great. Everybody's nice money. Great team and merry Christmas to everybody at the stage. I high tell down out of the tunnel. And you know, you do this as I do this the turnpike forget about it. It's jammed up its top. I gotta get down there by seven by seven the concert. Started seven I'm going down to took Dan. I gotta get onto the Parkway. Hey, of course, look at this would have ended the day after running around like mama LUKA might at all over, Dan. I'm a little late. I get going. They go into the church, and they need to this church. Does they it's such a great organization such a great community down there? I walk in. And it's jam packed. They say religion is people aren't going to Catholic church. People aren't going to Catholic schools not in this community, man. They are dedicated and they are nice. And it is so refreshing to see the faith in God in this community. Just great. So I go in and I go oh my God. I just got kind of just started I walk in. And this is what this is what you pray for as a parent as a grandparent, you go in one guy goes eight you want to go near so crowded, and I sneak around and they got inside the church standing in the back. And then there is Charlie in a choir singing, like an angel and her head looks up at she spots. Daddy in the back and the biggest smile comes out face. All of it was worth all of the turnpike all of its Owl's scrambling through the. Worth it. Boom right there. She saw father she smiled, so big and warmer, and it we just had a great great time. So I made it then Attica me. I'm like the Uber debt. So they'll grace of God. It's all good. Okay. Don't listen to the day. Don't listen to the crazy. Judges don't listen to the vicious mean, pathetically, deranged politicians onward and forward we're going to take the high road. You would make minutes after six o'clock where you get the Frankie now on the second. Debbie's out there. I saw Debbie. I got this Debbie do hayme at the Christmas party and due respect that our there too. But it was great to see Debbie looks. So great great to see you next thing. You like I'm stuck at the Holland..

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