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At least perhaps some gusty winds will keep an eye on that throughout the week with meteorologist price opposite WBZ Boston radio 91 degrees right now in Boston. The news brought to you by Window world of Boston. The race for Massachusetts governor getting its first Republican candidate, as we hear from WBC's Tim Don Jeff deal has entered the race for Massachusetts governor next year. Politics continue to be dominated by national negative headlines and I just feel like there's a chance. The 2022 elections to have a new governor that could come in and I think deliver on things People have been looking for the former state. Rep. And former U S Senate candidate says those things involve further assisting small businesses and post pandemic recovery. Getting the state education system back up and running in speeding up the immigration and naturalization process. Also the economy I think that we're going to be looking at some serious inflation, coming with the massive federal spending and devaluation of the dollar so far deals up against three Democratic candidates and state Senator Sonia Chang Diaz, former state Senator Ben Downing. And Harvard professor Danielle Allen. It's unclear if Governor Charlie Baker is seeking reelection. Tim don WBC Boston's news radio in the Democratic race for governor, Daniel Allen, leading the pack when it comes to fundraising, raising more than the other candidates in June. Alan raised just under $103,000 and has nearly 340,000 on hand. According to the state's campaign finance office, Sonia Chang Diaz took him just over 33,000 in June, officially launching her bid Thou June 23rd and Former senator been downing the first candidate to get in the race. Talking about $40,000 in June and has a little more than 117,000 on hand. 508. Let's get off to Wall Street Now, Andrew Oh, day is that Bloomberg on a day that look kind of dreary. It still kind of was, but we did pull out a record. Overall, it was pretty jury almost twice as many stocks fell as rose on Wall Street. But sometimes it's all about the categories and a group of tech stocks helped the NASDAQ Rise 24. That was enough for any record in the NASDAQ even as the Dow lost 209. S and P 500 snapped a seven session winning streak. All seven of those winning sessions were to record highs. Today, the S and P slip back nine points. It's an unusual case, so don't read too much into it. That is the word from Toyota today. Regarding the fact that it was the top selling automaker in the U. S. From April to June, the first time a non U. S company has taken the top U. S sales spot. It happened because Toyota built a stockpile of microchips last year, enabling it to build more cars than the domestic makers. When the microchip shortage hit earlier this year, Andrew wrote Bloomberg Business on WBZ, Boston's NewsRadio. Your place of work is open to interpretation these days, But your place for news is clearly defined. Tell your smart speaker to play WBZ NewsRadio on I Heart radio. It's.

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