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Don't be sixties did all have about nineteen cats yellow at the end of the by yelling at the yelling at the kids were playing on their lawn 'cause you know they they they weren't that happy when they were you know when they were in their forties so now you bring back twenty years later they finally get out of prison but what do you think one eight hundred two eight three one zero one point five some of the shows that made the list remember you probably don't remember my mother the car my mother the car had a great catchy theme song to my mother the car star jerry van dyke who buys a nineteen twenty eight porter only to find out that his mother played by an southern has been reincarnated as the car this may television this is what people tune in and nbc to watch avery schreiber was the villain who kept trying to buy the car steal the car and that was the premise of the show my mother the car a lot of people had a problem with roseanne but i'll tell you did you watch roseanne always watching roseanne tell me what you think i never seen roseanne before i caught the two hour premiere the other night or the one hour premiere the other night i gotta tell you i mean i think she tapped into something or she tapped in it's the only show where you've got a pro trump supporter in the show and you have what's actually going on in homes across america people arguing politics instead of you know everybody's trying to tell you this is how you're supposed to think this is the politically correct thing to say this is the one thing you should do she goes the other way i wouldn't be surprised if you start seeing like spin offs of roseanne or more and more shows like roseanne you know i think the pendulum's going to start the swing the other way as far as all the anti trump stuff because i think late night tv is going to run out of trump jokes at one point then they just have to start running movies i guess i don't know but gimme gimme the word show you have ever seen on television do you remember it or was it so bad you blotted out of your mind stephanie's in pennsylvania new jersey one point.

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