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City of peace. It is an honor and a pleasure for Switzerland to host you here for this summit and in accordance with the tradition of good offices, promote dialogue and mutual understanding. First meeting is over. Second meeting is about to get underway. The first one had just the two leaders in the room with an aide. President Biden has Secretary of state Antony Blinken. Putin will bring his Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and then more advisors join in and afterwards both men will stand for the usual pictures. Then we'll go off and hold separate news conferences. Here's CBS News Moscow bureau chief Beth Nobel, Biden and Putin will hold separate media availabilities. US media reporting that Biden practiced for the Putin meeting with a group of experts on Russia from both Democratic and Republican administrations, including several former U. S ambassadors to Moscow and that those experts advised by not to hold a press conference with Putin. Mr Biden said a joint appearance just turns it into a competition. There are also a lot of areas where they disagree. Syria is just one of the issues causing friction in the US Russia relationship, and it's a long list. The U. S. Is still angry over Russia's annexation of parts of Ukraine back in 2014, including the Crimean Peninsula. Then there's Russian meddling in U. S elections, Russian cyber hacking of U. S companies and government agencies and Russia's crackdown on its pro democracy movement. There are some areas where there is room for cooperation and improvement. Arms control is one climate change is another. Both countries would benefit from a more stable Iran or Afghanistan. The two presidents also have to get past the firestorm that resulted when Biden called Putin a killer during a TV interview in March, And that's a reference to the 10. Critics of Vladimir Putin, maybe more who have ended up dead. And the assassination attempt against his main political opponent. Biden has already said he'll bring up the case of Alexey Navalny, the leader of Russia's opposition, who is currently in a Russian prison. Last year, Navalny survived what Western intelligence agencies have called a state sponsored assassination attempt when Navalny was poisoned with a nerve agent. No country has more of a stake in the big meeting now than Ukraine, which has been facing a Russian backed rebellion for seven years. With that report here, CBS's Holly Williams, the trenches in Ukraine looked like something out of World War one. But this is modern day Europe and the fighting's claimed more than 13,000 lives. We hiked through decimated villages with Ukraine's president Vladimir Zelensky. At one point, so close to the enemy, we were told they could hear us. The war began in 2014 when Vladimir Putin sent troops to seize control of Crimea and backed an armed insurgency in eastern Ukraine. This year. Russia mast an estimated 40,000 troops on Ukraine's border and what is the American stake in this? Experts say Russian hackers are using Ukraine as a testing ground before employing similar tactics in the U. S. America's supported Ukraine.

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