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Tuesday with, temperatures in the low nineties again over the next two days in that heat index again making it feel like it's. Above one hundred degrees WCBS meteorologist Frank straight tells us more about what we can expect we are in the midst of. A heat wave here around the tri-state area for the, next few days will see temperatures reaching, the ninety, s a high near ninety this afternoon ninety three for. Tomorrow with near ninety one Tuesday but with bright sunshine and do the humidity in. Places summery feel feels. Like temperatures of one hundred, to one hundred and five each day Do hope. With the heat it's best to wear loose fitting light colored clothing if you can, around on the heat Olympic time take breaks in the shade or indoors when you can and be alert to the signs and symptoms of heat exhaustion and heatstroke the include heavy. Sweating faintness dizziness fatigue muscle cramps nausea and headaches if you, or someone that you see is experiencing those symptoms you need to get yourself for that person to way cool place. And call for help because that's potentially a medical emergency people in the Tri state have been weighing the choice between enjoying. The outdoors on this summer weekend and staying cool are, Mike sugarman was central park watching how, they sorted, that all out they could be the coolest dudes and. Do debts around and it's not just because of the tuxedos they wear year round Thanks At the penguin display at the central park. Zoo it is a comfy, thirty five degrees comfy for penguins inside their enclosure for those of, us looking about that, cool but it's much better than outside the way it. Is a hot wave says Simone bolts who is visiting from Spain with his wife, Alexandra and it's actually much cooler here today in Spain there around three in this, whole it's one hundred nine degrees. Fahrenheit, yeah be glad you aren't there in central. Park Mike sugarman WCBS NewsRadio eight eighty near. Quality health advisory is also in, effect had New York, City emergency management and the health. Department Darren vising New Yorkers to take. Precautions cooling centers are open across the, city and the city does suggest people consider limiting strenuous outdoor, activity police, arrested a Florida. Man last, night they, say shown on surveillance video grabbing a woman from behind in queens on Friday on the, video the Aged attacker approaches the. Woman as she tries to get into, her apartment building near the corner of fifty fifth street and, queens boulevard, and Woodside happened. Around four, AM the, woman Judy link spoke with CBS to trying.

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