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I'm all i'm all caught up up. I'm through four episodes of solar opposite season two. I'm really enjoying it. Do you think we're going to get a solar opposite season. Three after the thomas ditch kind of. I feel like it's much easier to do so because it's animation it's just the voice actors who think that they could just like get rid of the character of terry and bring in somebody completely new. I mean i could. I could see them bringing over. Not necessarily an alternate reality terry but maybe just an alternate version or some late. They grow out there on lab store thing. Because you're you're half aren't yes. So how or even like in season one when they create that That little dude or whatever at the end of season one i wouldn't. I wouldn't be surprised if they do of mike that. So you bring in a new voice actor for terry and it's like the same person just a different voice when it be crazy if they brought in ben schwartz who you know well they schwartz. They did middle. Ditching schwartz on netflix. Dot com find out how loyal shortest his friend take his character. He's not very loyal right now because he like. If you go to his twitter. He's fucking taken thomas he's taken middle ditch and schwartz off the list of credits on twitter and it was there. Wow i'm disappointed. Because i had middle different sorts on my list because i fucking love ben shorts but then that thomas middle stuff came out. And i'm like all right. Missed the boat on that one on. Never see man from uncle. Now that middle distance schwartz fucking act was fucking brilliant. It really was and was and it just sucks. Because i love solar opposite so much that i don't i hate it when like something i love has like somebody that's like controversial involved in it because then you don't know the future of the series and it's like yeah middle ditch you kind of fuck this up for. Not you fucked up your life number one but number two like you kinda fucked it up for everybody. That's involved in this show. That has jobs on the show. The animators justin roland. Everybody who's involved in this show..

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