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Had my dad had that our stuck onto that offer that touchscreen was another big thing. I got hooked onto that so those kind of things so gradually as technology at advanced i was hooked onto whatever came on i would. I wouldn't see on what iggy fleet that but whatever came to me i'll just so fascinated by the fact that it's so cool. It's a cool as it is an. I think i wouldn't see it as as straightforward but whatever came to me. I was just along with it. I thought that i would sullivan. Let me ask you this. Then where does writing fit into this. Writing is a torch lead like off. Krishan gonna have to write a different equation for that altogether. I think back in three nine. Nine hundred ten I did my high school abroad. So this is when i was aboard in the u. e. to be specific saw. I hooked onto pleading certainty. I started reading online on a platform which still exists. Now it's called what bad it's not as popular as it is as it was before would back then it was the folks it was so clearly everyone will crazy about it so i started reading online. What got me to lighting. Is i leave some books. And i'm like no this is not hi will how i would expect something. I would have it better. And then i started writing sewed onto beyond nickel kick me. Start planning things. The way i think i would like to see if it would in look i started writing and i have no hope. Some i was gonna be this. Abnormality of people are gonna read this whatsoever. I just wrote because it loved writing. I had no expectations of such. I started writing and figured out. I really loved what i was doing. I started i think back then. Also was when facebook whistle active Not as bill or whatever as out it was super active back then. So i started meeting other autos and what bad beside a creepy groups on facebook so we were super active. I was meeting and talking to people that have never met in my life before just online authors from all across the world and i started lighting so many books i think i have six out of three two or three a completed and one of them got shortlisted photo. There was this competition. I think the it came back to. India was a your studio. India accomplished by the times of india. One of my books made it to the finals. Like one of the final shortlists at and win but it was a it at each. The shot was a huge win for me but for some reason after i didn't vote. Whatever it is. I didn't get the dime dime on so many factors kick then. I started moving into my higher education at university. That's when i think. I caught that at each other. Lighthouse knock fees and. I've been struggling to get out of that even now. In between that i had tied get published through but the most leasing publishing story could would think just three to four months ago at tried sending my manuscripts stored on published show local publisher india. Nothing has no. nothing's gone through ad like nothing's cleared. pete. I'm still looking for permission. So i'm still in the blighters knock feed so this is the whole back behind it so you'll be started from award notes been four mo- more than seven eight years. Now you're writing and in spite of the writer's block. Okay let's ignore that fees and i've understood that basically breaks the best of in beings especially in india shows exactly. Let's ignore that. I should buy okay coming back with writing piece. What exactly dude. I doubt that any online which or even in print media audience can go at the especially. I would like to tell you the cia show. I think my most recent one of my my style of writing and my own with john v. i chose to write always fiction so always. It's all almost always. I just fictional stories One of them that the my latest one. Which i'm still fighting trump speeding. It's venkov company is a science fiction or some bogut yup so it's all available for free to read on. What if you look up for my name you'll find the dead. This is about nothing else. Actually i did write a short story. Which was a ten part book which was a spiritual best spiritual fiction. That wasn't one that got shortlisted for the contest but the meaning all of them were fiction. Gothic with examine in woodland. Suspense load was also. Yes yes nicholas. Tila suspense one and a little bit of. I actually didn't have straight-forward John they always tried mixing different. Genres is sometimes. I'd type put in a little hotter. John deere sometimes. Just mistreat pillow. But i tried to keep. It is a fictional as possible next app. That's my main gionta was really exciting. So guys arlington hobart by but the most direct link so that he can go about her earned. Yes will see her books. The pixel by that as one you were talking about writing the one thing. Which meant was that. You'd have your high school outside india so something about that because usually what we hear from appeals. Is that the undergrads or the puskas. They usually call in your case. It was different very early. Nearly so and that of the gods and how was studying the different from the trashy. I went there because my dad was. What can they all the while and might mean my mom and my younger brother your so just for a few years for the change of environment we just move decided to move their just for four years of my high school to be more than there and i and i think i didn't feel dot much of a difference because it's all indians there is it's so many it's just indians in every nook and corner wherever you go my school it was just. It was an indian school and the only defense was. We had a new language to learn but the syllabus was all in syllabus. I didn't find a difference. Dan but the culture i paint the culture. Because it's a it's a. It's a muslim country. We had different cultures. I think as a part of school. The school says with different classrooms be legal classrooms and boys had different blocked with themselves but apart from that school life was really fun was it was nothing different. I could say but the only painted misses all my amazing classmates had from late. One beats. I remember missing them. The last year went to school before leaving to the id member just going to school. Laws stage of stem stem everyone wages to pure but when i came back i made sure i slipped back kept in touch with them. Some of them where my classmates some of them joined christ with me some of them. I still keep in touch even now. So i'd missed. I didn't really lose touch with them so there but apart from that the old school experience was nothing different. It was really more or less the same. You're the only would would that. It's a same comes into the fact from an indian school and all of that check. But i'm going back to dating. You said writing. Saturday august nine on you know you have been gun tuning even know one thing which hooked me on what he was saying the aspiring author. I so do. I infer from that you want to pursue this professionally of sometime definitely because I did look at these options from. I've been looking at these options. Some longtime the moment. I know it's going to click. I will definitely stop everything. I haven't put big on that. Put my brakes on everything else. Just full speed ahead. Do what i get so until i reached that gunning point. I'm still looking forward to that. But i haven't reached there yet. So that's still my. It's still dead at the top of my head so once i get my hands on that when i know i've reached what i wanna do. That's when it'll be medic. My turning point of life not yet. I can understand living well paying job. You know stable live and then moving for something. That's obvious ski venture..

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