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Tickets search clear food and more at Ohio state fair dot com July twenty fourth to August fourth traffic and weather every ten minutes on the tense power by Tim starring custom air more traffic you can trust any forty I'm John Hill news radio six NW a few sprinkles here and there around the city heavy stuff right now Grove city over to bets and then a little trail that the stages of the seventeen goes over to the London area this morning ABC six first warning weather says yeah it's in the forecast scattered shower maybe a storage fees humid this morning but by afternoon we're gonna dry out we're gonna clear out in we'll see highs go to right around seventy eight overnight we stay clear and the humidity is going to drop so the temperature fifty nine degrees is where we bottom out you might want to just cracked the window because if you leave it all the way open and actually get chilly which with all the heat of last week might be well I don't know how to deal with tomorrow mostly sunny high seventy nine partly cloudy Wednesday hi goes AT forecast is powered by the basement Dr we've got seventy three right now on Blacklick it seventy four here at your severe weather station newsradio six ten W. T. B. N. story time years ago dole president trump says he will not be watching the testimony in front of Congress this week by former special counsel Robert Muller in back to back hearings Wednesday Miller will be asked about the investigation he led into possible collusion between Russia in the trump campaign and whether the president tried to obstruct the investigation former Supreme Court justice John Paul Stevens body will lie in repose at the court today his funeral and burial at Arlington National Cemetery scheduled for tomorrow Stephen served on the court for nearly thirty five years he retired in two thousand ten and died last week at age ninety nine close city council said the vote today on legislation reducing penalties for marijuana possession it would make it a misdemeanor and reduce the fines to ten dollars for someone caught with a hundred grams and twenty five dollars for having two hundred grams supporters say low level marijuana offenses are road block for things like job interviews and professional licenses opponents say low finds could be ignored and then trigger bench warrants and possible jail time for offenders the Ohio state fair will host a special day for gas of autism and special century Nate's flashing lights the music on midway rides will be turned off from ten AM to one PM Wednesday July thirty first and create a quiet room for those who need a break general manager Virgil Strickler said the fair can be overwhelming in the century of management to make the fair enjoyable for all families affair begins this Wednesday the Oklahoma City animal shelter hopes people planning to storm area fifty one will want to take a pet with them on Friday the OKC animal shelter posted a picture of some of its Pat's decked out in foil hats supposed at a quote we have great animals ready to protect you from the area fifty one aliens and quote I'm Scott Jennings next reported nine for breaking news the weather alerts instantly follow us on Twitter at six ten WTVN news when the news goes viral we'll bring you the facts at the top and bottom of the hour news radio six ten your TD and Ohio's parole officers.

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