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Later. We're back. We're back. We have discussed recently on this very podcast or listening to shitty players getting into the hall of fame in a relative sense. Of course, relative sense. Now, we get to discuss good players getting into the hall of fame. Very exciting for players were elected in this week, including the first unanimous player ever who by math is now better than Babe Ruth, Ted Williams. He got it. The numbers don't lie which means that when they induct players and Cooperstown, it's going to be this. So be Marian Rivera. Edgar Martinez, ROY halladay and might be seen who were voted in. By the baseball writers of America that today's game committee as a Tim McNally selected Harold Baines. Lease myth, Bruce cursed. Phil Nevin Gary Matthews junior Richie sex. Gary Matthews senior awesome Macher Ron Coomer, Robb nen Franklin Stubbs Gill, mesh and navy Parise. So that'll be crowded stage in Cooperstown. Congratulations proud. We are all. Of them the the four that were elected this time around I actually found it extremely gratifying. I'm happy that all four of these evil are going in the hall of fame. I'm happy. I would have also been happy. If as we suspected might be seen ahead fallen like some hilariously small number of votes short. I mean, he was seven seven boats above the threshold. So you know in a very slight alternate reality. He would have been one God. I can't even imagine that that would have been Larry comes in at seventy four point eight it would've been good just in the sense. There would have been two days of like just every person that cares about baseball dragging some octogenarian that like only voted for whatever shillings like the only guys the only champion on the list that sorta shit. I'm really glad we've seen a win because as as resident Gizmodo media group. Teen, Lauren Tyson said, you know, was saying I have no I have. New real memories of of Mike McShane. I don't I don't know what his deal was. And I was saying, you know, disheartening it was he was basically Justin Verlander, and she was like he wasn't. She wasn't Justin Verlander. But it's it's it's just funny to me that I think especially among this group. He's going in as the sort of colorless figures getting in because he won two hundred seventy games because when you know when he was young he had amazing stuff, and he he was kind of yet a memorable personality because you so bland yet ornery his big thing was doing crossword puzzles, and every story that was done about him would mention the crossword puzzles as part of a narrative about how he was really it was a little too intellectual for major league clubhouse and while the other guys were like killing deer. Whatever it was. He was doing the cross one hundred percent assumed facts not in evidence that they were just like well this man is difficult to be around. And does crossword puzzles sue presumably fucking doctor house, but nobody acted also went to Stanford was big part? Part of their and he pitched in the way that like every great athlete sort of seems intelligent by accident. You know, the way that like it's like surprising to find out that Jason Kidd's fucking drunken loud because you see him out there. And you're like my God the vision, and it was the same way that like it was especially with the Orioles, or he was, you know, basically for a decent portion of his time there, you know, the top five pitchers in baseball, top three brilliant easily and teams that were otherwise completely remarkable. And so you'd watch them, and it would just be like the amount of mastery. That is required for him to be as good as he was seemed, you know tripled because everyone behind him was just these like cheesy steroid era Orioles or just like Chris Hoiles? Just kinda standing some weird place on the field. Clapping his hands..

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