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A psych central podcast and here are your host Jack Zimmerman and gave Howard welcome to the not crazy podcast. I'd like to introduce my co host. Jackie Jackie who not only lives with depression but has not seen die hard. Are the two connected. It's your decision and I'd like to introduce my co host escape who lives with bipolar his wife Kendall and has also never seen the movie now and then and I don't know if that's like a generational thing but that was a a pivotal movie in my youth. Nobody's ever heard of it. Like I keep thinking that you say now in leaders the eighties candy because some for now and some for later unlike now where it's just offer now and then you wine no no if you have seen now and then dear listener please let us know comment somewhere right somewhere. Send gave hate hate mail about how he should see this movie with incredibly famous actresses in it. Sure sure I'll check my email. I'll check my email. Okay okay game. Sure Gabe you called me this weekend and you had a very serious tone in your voice and you said that you had something to tell me. What did you call me about out gave? I told you I ship the bed. You did indeed you did and I although very respectful of your situation was thrilled and that you called me because I am the person that people call when they have poop issues. The listeners are probably just now starting to realize that. I'm not using the phrase shit. The bed Ed. I actually shit the bed you did. You like literally and I'm not using literally figuratively. It was a traumatic experience to say the least I have a friend and who is a doctor. She was unavailable which left you and I promptly was like Gabe. This needs to be a podcast episode and I was promptly note because that's just not the kind of thing that you talk about polite society ever at all but I don't live in a place of polite society not to mention as we talked about on the phone. This is something that happens to people. Not just people like me with bowel diseases but this happens to a lot of people in my friends at Google. Lean of this. I was surprised to find out. Just how common this is. It has a million different names from nocturnal diarrhea persistent diarrhea a lot of lot of diarrhea. Of course we've all heard all of the commercials where they talk about a side effect of medication being anal leakage. The bottom Tom Line is is that while horrifying. It is almost routine how often the average person loses control of author bells. And we wanted to talk about this not to perpetually talk about shitting the bed over and over again so if you're listening insofar and you're like wow this episode sodas not going to be my bag hanging there because the reason we're talking about this is because it's so common the effect that it can have on your mental health after her words. And how you navigate that I make my living as people know on this podcast and on the central podcast and standing up in front of the people and talking about all of the things that happened to me because of untreated bipolar disorder. I wrote a book called mental illnesses. An asshole available on my website gave Howard Dot Com. Because I wanted to talk about all of the awful things that have happened to me because of mental illness and then this this thing happened and I immediately didn't WanNa talk about it anymore. I was like no no no. This is one step too far. This is not the kind of thing that you bring up. And that's really interesting to me because people who know my work and you can just do a Google and find. My work would think that I wouldn't be shy of anything. That's kind of how messed up. This is right even a guy like me who makes my living openly discussing things about mental illness and about health and about life if that other people want to sweep under the rug didn't want to discuss it but that's what makes us a great team you see because I shit the bed and promptly till the whole Internet about it and that's very interesting because the reason I called you. Jackie is because of a story that you published a long long time ago that that I found to be stunningly relatable even though it was pre- bed shitting and it was about how you were in a new relationship wasn't very old at all and I was sleeping over at his house and I should the bed in the middle of the night I was horrified. Fide I contemplated just leaving and never talking to him ever again because what is the alternative. It's actually talking to somebody and saying. Hey You guy who thinks I'm amazing. I just shit in your brand new bed by the way brand new bed. It was something I could not even dream a conversation and that was impossible to have so I stayed up all night. I cried and I cleaned the bed. I will come up and asked him to leave to the living room and contemplated all always. He was probably going to break up with me the next day because he was likely just as horrified as I was well he wasn't and he didn't and instead instead he broke up with me months later for a really not because of this and that's important to remember the first shooting. The bed of course is a well known phrase. It just means you you fucked looked up and I have used this phrase probably my entire adult life. I try to run an event and it doesn't go well. Shit the bed I get on stage stage and nobody laughs at any of my jokes. I'm pretty sure that if they had tomatoes they throw them. And I'm like you know. Gabe how did your shogo ash at the bed. It was awful. I I said it about so many people. Jackie we talk about language a lot on this show. You are you bipolar or are you a person. Living with bipolar words words matter we need to change our speech patterns and you and I have long held that look. We just need to talk about this because getting out in the open is what's important and I thought of the phrase shit the bed. Everybody uses it but the phrase Oh you shit. The bed is actually quite problematic. Potentially for people well like you. Jackie people like me now yet. We all do it not to make this show about language all of the sudden but it just shows you that there's just a ton of phrases. Ah have meaning that you don't realize until you realize I thought the phrase shit the bed was just a phrase it had no meaning and it had nothing to do with me now. I want you to know I'm still gonNA use the phrase the phrase the phrase is fantastic and I hope that when people come up to me and say hey gave you shit the bed telling me I did a bad job because I don't want this to be my thing but yeah just it's it's out there now it's out there now. This is something that happens to people. Will you're acutely acutely aware of it. Now right it's personal at this point whereas before it was just a phrase now. It's something that you actually have lived through. That's what made me feel like. This would be a good episode because I have lived this many times but as somebody who does not live with a bowel disease. You've experienced it now. Oh and I think a lot of people who listen to our show specifically those who take psychiatric medications also may experience this because that it is a common side effect of a lot of these medications. So that's very interesting thing that you bring up. I we got to define the word common. We don't want everybody to freak out communist something out there you know. One hundred thousand is common because there's three billion people in the world so the word common can be problematic. I only say that because because I don't want everybody to stop taking their medications for fear of shitting the bet. It's a good point. It's not common in that it's going to happen to everybody. But when you get your medication nation it comes with that little piece of paper. That has a bunch of teeny tiny words on it and it's called the Pi. which is the package? Insert an on that list all the side effects. Wchs everything you could possibly ever know and everybody. I know promptly rips it off the front of the package and throws it in the trash. You could read it. I read them which may be makes me an over over achieving nerd. But I read them. I want to know what could possibly happen and I think if you read yours. There's a chance that side effect is on there and you can see why it would be on in there. I mean if you really stop and think about medication interacts with your body and everybody is different. And our bodies job. The whole reason that we expel L. Waste is to get bad things and unnecessary things away from us so it really kind of make sense that a common medication side effect could be anal leakage or diarrhea or the kind of diarrhea. That happens in the middle of the night. When you're not expecting it and I was really surprised at how common it was and again when I say common I mean it's it just happened to everybody at least once? I thought that I was the only person that this ever happened to save for my friend. Jackie and I was kind of lucky right. And I'm being very sincere zere here because you were open and wrote the article about shitting the bed and because we've talked about before on the show. I've seen your speeches at conferences is where you talk about this illness. And all of the things that you went through and it made me feel not so alone but the reality is most people. Don't know Jackie the reality is this is most people don't know agape most people don't know anybody. A lot of people are managing these things all by themselves. They're managing especially mental health issues especially really mental illness. And they don't WanNa talk about it and I want to be very clear that this is something that is going to happen to probably every adult and when I say every adult. Aw I don't mean every eighty year old. I don't mean every person in a nursing home no we're talking twenty thirty forty fifty year olds. We're talking young people bull middle aged people. It is the body doing what the body's supposed to be doing you know in the most scary and traumatic of ways is true. This could happen to just about anybody for just about any reason..

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