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Tomorrow, then some wet weather, of course for the weekend. It is 40 at the Carter Subaru studio that takes us to 8 13. And that's time for real time traffic brought to you by the Emerald Queen Casino. Here's Kristen got a couple of problems out there that are really making things difficult for drivers. I'm actually going to start in the South found direction of I five. Getting out of Seattle are not typical commute, so they're kind of counter commute, but we've had a crash right at the Michigan curb that's been blocking. The H O V lane and the left general purpose land for a pretty long time. And we're looking at now a 20 minute delay getting out of I the downtown core and working your way down towards Soto. It's 35 minutes from Seattle to South Center right now, again, a 20 minute delay Their North bound I five in that same general area is also looking at about a 10 minute delay word a half an hour. From South Center to Seattle. Because of this crash that we've been dealing with its upright past. I 90 it's starting to get a little bit better from north to south, but we still have work to do. Give yourself 45 minutes all the way from federal way we're easing out of the North end a little bit. There still is some slowing to deal with getting away from the Lynwood split on I five, especially around 44th there in Lynwood and also then down through the Kenyan Park area on four or five So 40 minutes still from ever to Seattle or Bellevue's behind schedule by about five minutes, rented the Bellevue still at 35 minutes, So about where it should be out of Auburn 20 minutes to make that drive up into renting very heavy out of highway 18 right now, and we're still seeing some slowing on the Valley Freeway at the South end, but it's getting better right now. It actually looks pretty decent getting through Sumner 45 minutes still to run the length there, and Tacoma just hasn't quite given up, although leaving emerging slowing there, So it's slow all morning, and it continues to be so this report brought to you by the Emerald Queen Casino, which is open and the Emerald Queen. Clean team has got you covered. Come by for a safe, clean, comfortable escape Emerald Queen Casino,.

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