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Job. A lot of businesses gone when we have boats. Call vote favorite tend to be of a Senate chamber is when there's a vote may have fifteen minutes to vote the bills go up, and they start pouring in that period has been described as a cocktail party without cocktails Mr. Cruz stir Durban harassed Mr. hatch, Mr. Nelson. Mr. Rubio, Mr. Sanders, Mr. Schumer, the Senate floor is a very useful place to get a whole lot done your face to face with everyone. That's a great place to just do business. You have to go on over the floor. It's all done orally. Unlike the house where they put a car down the road, although of good, Tom talk to colleagues to do business. A lot of that on across the aisle to the origin of the majority leader physician. It's a little murky, but it kind of began to develop during Woodrow Wilson's administration the nine hundred thirteen when Woodrow Wilson became president. He had a PHD in. History and political science yet a lot of ideas about how government should be run. So he suggested that the leaders of the Democratic Party that they appoint a leader to be on the floor to represent him and his programs. They turn was a junior member who is well known nationally because he'd run for vice president and his name was John worth Kern from Indiana. And so Kern took that front row center seat that sat at ever since. So democratic leaders. Senator percents occupied as the leader of his party, the official title majority leader doesn't come around until the nineteen twenties. But really a current is doing the types of things opening things up. Introducing legislation calling bills up the calendar. That majority leaders have come to do when the Republicans came into office. They did the same thing. With Henry capitalized majority, and minority leaders had descendants had become very visible. Actors in the Senate where the power of is now, of course, greater there's always the majority leader, the minority leader, the majority leader's the only person that can bring a Bill to the floor. So that's a very powerful position to be an even if you dope successfully achieve your goal. You do successfully guide what what's possible, and what's likely to be talked about there's almost nothing in the rules of the Senate that give particular powers to the majority leader or the minority leader almost everything that they have come through the precedence rather than the rules Lyndon Johnson used to say that his chief power was the power persuasion. And a lot of what you have to do is what we call retail politics. You have to sit down one by one with all those senators to figure out what it is what they want and how you can get on board. We've had a lot of. Duets and senators through the years who've managed to do walk through that morning failed and come out with a very good record, the working relationship between Mansfield and Dirksen as they work their way through to build coalitions from the two parties in order to pass legislation to get nominations approved. It's almost like a masterclass of how leadership works in the Senate Trent Lott and Tom Daschle. They had some very difficult issues in yet. They maintained a really strong bond, and the strong friendship and again open lines of communication. They went through the Clinton impeachment trial together, they went through nine eleven and the anthrax attack on Capitol Hill together. And if you read the memoirs of both men, they both talk about how important that relationship was to to them during their leadership time, you certainly can have leadership teams that can be very effective. It's not easy. It's not an easy process, but they somehow have to find a way to work together. And it's a tremendous challenge. In January two thousand one the Senate, and it's leaders faced unprecedented challenges. Please come to order in the two thousand election. The result of the election was a Senate tied at fifty fifty marking the first time in Senate history that a fifty fifty split occurs. Democrat Tom Daschle majority leader for seventeen days until a new president and vice president are inaugurated so help me God. And following the swearing in. Vice President Cheney Republican Trent Lott takes the position as the Senate changes hands. Once again, the Republicans were in control, the organized, the Senate, the Republican senators chaired the committees. And then in may, you get hints of something that's going to happen. I will leave the Republican party and become an independent. Control of the Senate. For the first time in Senate history. The Senate was reorganized again under a.

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