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I gotTa go at this angle here. Down the Dune on this way. And it's like this relaxing at all. I'm trying to do geometry in my head the entire walk. You know. It's all very odd. It's all very very odd. Missed game in real life for you have to find out the right angle to get where you want to go and work all these little billiards. Exactly it is weird but hey the one thing is it does seem like. I can't I can't speak for everybody and everybody's experience but it does seem like at least a more and more people are taking the social distancing more more Seriously that's true. Yeah and and it seems like they're more more doing their part so keep it up everyone You know let's let's let's beat this thing together and really observe what medical professionals are telling us is the best thing to do. Not just to protect ourselves but remember a lot of these moves even if you're young and healthy and feel like you. Could you know bounce back if you contracted G-O-V at nineteen which you probably would? I mean statistically valid. Be JUST FINE. It's really making an effort To do take these measures to protect people who are mute compromise sewer who are elderly or who could suffer a real serious medical consequences if this thing continues to spread so do your part help vulnerable people and let's all let's all beat this thing together. We do have a lot to get to today. We as as we said the past week or so here. We don't WANNA spend the entire time talking about all of this. So let's find another good stories coming your way to. Actually we got the hot list coming up. Not Every story on there is gonNA be about so. Let's look forward to that. We'll take.

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